Bath Boons Handmade Natural Skincare Products Review

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Hope you’ll are enjoying the sweater weather!

I am finally posting a new blog post after a month and it feels so damn good. Winters are love no matter how cold it gets, sun always shines brighter. 4 weeks back I received the some handmade skincare products from Bath boons for testing and reviewing and here is my take on them!

Strawberry Handmade Natural Lotion

This lotion is filled with the goodness of Strawberries which are a great source of vitamin C that helps in lightening the skin complexion and revitalize it to the core. Other ingredients being beeswax, olive oil, rice bran oil and natural borax help in nourishing the skin from deep within and keepS it soft all throughout the day.

Price : INR 235/-

Hydrating Face Mist with Cucumber & Rose Water

This face mist is a concoction of rose water, cucumber juice, lime juice and rose essential oil. I have been using this face mist for deep cleaning and hydrating my skin every night before I go to bed. This has made my skin very soft and has decreased the sun tan on my skin. The inclusion of these natural ingredients helped me in giving an instant glow to my skin. This one is translucent in color and comes in an easy handy spray bottle.

Price : INR 275/-

Lemon Green Tea Lip Balm

Winters are bliss but it brings along heaps of skin issues with it. One such problem is chapped lips, so to avoid it Bath boons has come up with its organic lip balm which is infused with the goodness of natural beeswax, olive oil, cocoa butter, rice bran oil, green tea and lime essential oil. This one helps keep the lips hydrated and soft for a major part of the day. This comes clear on the lips and will make you feel beautiful inside out.

Price : INR 185/-

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Roots and Herbs Organic Skincare Product(s) Review

Hello my loves.

Nature is in.

Exotic and natural wellness induced holistic skin care is in.

A little selflessness to the environment is in.

Usage of natural and environment friendly skin care products has been raging for quite some time and I became cognisant of the titanic capabilities they have on offer.

The unprecedented and exceptional teachings of Ayurveda have always been elusive since generations. Moreover, bad reviews and quick resulting chemical products have further insinuated an unfavourable thought amongst many individuals which has since been difficult to contravene on logical terms.

However, nothing has stopped Ayurveda from churning out champions year by year.

Roots and Herbs is one such establishment that rises on the laurels of the teachings of the Ayurveda. After my experience with the products, I have exalted them on account of the wondrous results.


Hibiscus has been known as one of the most compelling ayurvedic agents for health skin disorders. Besides its anti-inflammatory properties, it is an absolute guardian angel having several benefits for hair too.

This was the first time when I tried a natural hair lep (masque) and my experience was remarkable. Having the essentials of Hibiscus and mulethi, this hair lep worked amazingly on my hair reducing hair fall and improving the quality of my hair. It also helped to promote hair growth and hydrate the scalp as claimed. Conclusively this product is now a must have for my hair care regime.

Price : Rs. 700/- for 50 gm


Ashwagandha is a sublime ayurvedic agent that has a myriad of skin benefitting properties. In addition to brightening skin, it helps to fade blemishes, protect against sun induced damage, and helps the skin thoroughly due to its antioxidant properties.

The Ashwagandha in this masque and activator, is a true blessing for my oily skin. Prone to a sudden outburst of pimples, it helps to control the bacteria thus achieving glabrous skin sans acne. I use this amazing masque thrice a week, for clear de-tanned skin, free of dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads.

As a sequitur, my skin has become more awesome, even more glabrous, clear, detoxified and glows naturally.

Price : Rs. 1450/- for both


I am a big fan of natural shampoos and conditioners. Often, my hair feels lifeless after a day of stress and too much exposure to sunlight and pollution. Chemical based cleansing and conditioning products only seem to promise a lustrous shine and strength to my tresses for about 3-4 hours.

I have to say, these two product never ceases to amaze me everytime I use it. My hair becomes more gorgeous and much more lustrous. Even graphical tesselation would have a hard time rendering each hair. Dirt and grease are eradicated with ease. My hair smells fetching, and engulfs a wonderful flowery aroma that is an instant knockout.

Having an infusion of natural herbs, cold pressed oils and steam distilled essential oils. It’s active concentrated agent is the amazing Jabapushp, that cleanses and conditions the hair from within making it frizz free & shining.

Price for Shampoo : Rs. 280/- for 50 ml.

Price for Conditioner: Rs. 450/- for 50 ml


Gotukola is a truly endearing plant indeed. For starters it has heart shaped leaves. Being a biological member of the carrot family, it has the same effects and properties.

I use this body wash twice a week for truly amazing skin that proves itself a champion even in times of distress. I generally am scared of any premature ageing signs on my skin. I have to say this body wash has completely erased all the fears.

Gotukola is an ayurvedic gem that is extremely murderous to any and every skin disorder or a sign of premature ageing. It also helps to preserve moisture and lock hydration of the skin. Further, it helps in fighting cellulite production thereby ensuring younger looking skin.

Price : Rs. 750/- for 100 gm


I generally have days that are extremely stressful and I feel down after a hard day at work. I save my most prized possessions for such days. Emerging calm out of a stressful and a hard day is an amazing victory in itself.

I reward myself to a wondrous aromatherapy session that instills a calming and soothing effect whilst helping my skin simultaneously. This smashing shower gel, complete with the goodness of white sandalwood and saffron helps to attain that epitome of awesomeness I usually long for.

The goodness of sandalwood and saffron helps to achieve clear unblemished skin that is downright awesome. Sandalwood, used since time immemorial is an ayurvedic wonder that brightens skin, acts as an antiseptic agent, and removes excess oil. Saffron being rich in carotenoids and antioxidants help prevent skin against free radical damage.

A use of this product in the evening and I feel at ease, completely refreshed and all ready to take on the world with the newfound confidence.

Price : Rs. 290/- for 50 ml

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Feather & Bone Gem Face Wash Review 

My interests are at their zenith, when an amazing product bestows itself upon me. This paradigm always makes me write in a condescending and snobbish manner which although may seem deviant, reflects my inner joy and wonder.

I received a unique face wash from Feather and Bone. And it is a true blessing to my gentle skin. Having an infusion of Fuller’s Earth, Sandalwood and Starch, it works like a charm. The magic it weaves, is indelible, surreptitiously fastidious and breathtaking.

Fuller’s Earth is Multani Mitti for you. An amazing gift from the nature, it is extremely potent in expelling out even the most stringent skin problems. When skin problems become ninjas, it’s time to bring out Fuller’s Earth. This face wash as a result helps in clearing out acne, absorbing excess oil, removing scars and improving skin complexion.

Sandalwood possesses some of the most amazing medicinal qualities. It is truly an asset when it comes to skin care. Evidently enough the qualities of sandalwood were transparent after I used this face wash and a glabrous feeling latched itself to my skin. In addition, my skin revived it’s natural glow, with a promise of an anti-ageing protection.

Starch in this face wash, works tirelessly as an anti-inflammatory and a moisturiser. Also it helps in eliminating fine lines, wrinkles and aids in skin hydration.

Amazingly enough, my skin’s natural oils are still maintained, causing no skin breakouts. Plus it is paraben free, so that mucky whiteness never settles on my skin.

This product can be used both as a face wash and a face mask.

Much love readers!

Matra Naturals – Lip Care Revolution Lip Balms | Review 

My lip care regime is an existential part of my persona. Without an application of a lip balm, my day rarely switches into gear. I personally believe lip balms are a must have in your kitty. I recently tried a myriad of lip balms offered by Matra Naturals. They are 100% natural, outrageously amazing and additionally, act as a lip therapy too.

Although I am big lover of lipsticks, and cannot be without one for even a single day, there overuse makes my lips dry and chapped. Especially the matte ones. Prior to application of lipsticks, I apply this lip balm. I have to say, the action rendered was breathtaking. My lips are softer, more supple and are not too much glossy. Further, being destitute of colours, they can be easily applied before or after any lip shade.


My first pick is a Strawberry Flavour, which is my favourite. I hold it very dear to me. This one has a slight red tinge. It stays on longer, provides resilience against harmful UV rays and also retains moisture well. Moreover, any inflammations or infections are done away with. There goes the awesomeness of lip therapy for you.


The next one I like contains Vanilla and Mint. The perfect concoction of warm vanilla with cool mint provides an amazing experience. It stays clear on my lips, treating it with that cool minty flavour. Also, it soothes them from further damage, whilst simultaneously providing nourishment to the lips.


My last pick is of Kiwi Flavour. Kiwi is my favourite fruit too. The flavour is extremely tempting, providing a soothing effect and is durable. Perfect for everyday use, it’s application provides an amazing tingling effect, much similar to the one felt while eating a boatload of kiwis 😀

Each Lip Balm is priced at Rs. 199/-

All in all, these lip balms are truly majestic, really helpful and provide an alluring effect, not characterised by many lip care products.

 Until next, xoxo

Tea Treasure | Review

“There is something in the nature of tea leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life”

Lin Yutang, in his wry writings has perfectly captured the enigmatic behaviour of every person holding a hot mug of tea. It’s so true.
You have a long tiring day, while working in the present, tackling contingencies like a pro and wracking your brains at problems that come in a smart band procession.

And by the end of the day, you find yourself with a hot mug of tea between your fingers. Your focus now shifts towards the future, you no longer feel like thinking about the present, problems are now evaporated by the warmth and contingencies are rendered tasteless by the relish of the tea between your lips. A book in your other hand would most certainly mean a perfect end to a day.
Tea Treasure has a vast diversity of some amazing teas. I recently got my hands on 12 of their amazing teas, and I am here sharing my indelible experience.

Lemon Tulsi Loose Leaf Green Tea

This particular Green tea has the wholesomeness of nature’s best gifts. Lemon Basil, has both the amazing qualities of Basil(Tulsi) and Lemon. Tulsi is a knight in shining armour. It has the world’s best anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-flu, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Any war waged against the harshness of environment is won easily when one does drink this tea.
It has a sweet-lemony taste that almost always agrees with your wavelength and amps it as and when necessary.

Minty Fusion Loose Leaf Green Tea

This Green Tea has the careful measurements of organic green tea, peppermint, spearmint and the choicest herbs. Be a champion yourself by raising your immunity to levels that no health problems dare come near you. I drank this tea, and immediately felt my metabolism boost, reduce body pains, improve digestion and also keep my appetite levels high whilst aiding in weight loss. It also generates a calm relaxing effect and a calm and a relaxed brain is the epitome of awesomeness.

Tropical Hibiscus Loose Leaf Green Tea

I prefer drinking this tea as a cold preparation and it is remarkably amazing. Often on days when I exercise too much, this particular tea is my companion towards gaining that much needed physical calmness, that accompanies after a hard training session. Many impurities and pollutants enter my body after a long run, and to eliminate them effectively I prefer this particular tea. Hibiscus infused with berries makes your immunity jump a few ranks higher, lowers cholesterol levels, improves digestion and also lowers blood pressure. It would certainly leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed. It also works as an anxiety breaker and also would help against depression.

Well whatever dovetails with your taste, but this green tea tastes best when chilled and had with a modicum of honey to generate the sweet aftertaste.

Herbal Tisane Loose Leaf Tea

This is the tea to be had with a book. How amazingly I transfer myself from the hectic day to the picturesque world created by diving into my favourite novel. The other day while reading A Prisoner of Birth, I felt I was transported into the courtroom itself.

Accompanied by the goodness of traditional herbs like Shunkhpushpi, Gotukola, Chamomile and Gulebnapsha, this Herbal Tisane blend will make you teleport your brain into a balanced state of intoxication more often achieved during high levels of meditation practices.

I found it tasteful when had without anything, not even Honey or Lemon. It smells captivating, and is sure to arrest your brain and heart.

Premium Chai Masala and Premium Chai

This wonderful Chai Masala, with its aromatic blends, is cultivated from the highlands of Assam Valley. It is rich in antioxidants, beneficial for digestion and has a dash of caffeine in the perfect amount to counter the risks of stroke.

This chai is a perfect baseline from which every chai should be measured. It’s unique combinations, are perfectly useful when you are feeling lazy in the morning or had to sacrifice sleep for some reason. It is most certainly going to hoist your brain and also remove any traces of exhaustion.

I had this tea after meals and in the morning as well. I have to say, it was extremely delicious and reviving. The painstaking efforts that went into it’s creation do most certainly meet the demands of opulent gatherings, or regular ones.

Kadak Chai Masala

There are times when a single cup of tea can never make me overcome the frenetic onslaught of the day. For those rare times, I have the the most enthralling product in Kadak Chai Masala.

It adds a distinctive flavour, that wakes me up and energizes my brain, while most certainly increasing health benefits. Being rich in antioxidants, it can also benefit those suffering from flu or cold. All in all it is an extremely amazing addition to the list.

I love to have this tea after a very long, very tiring day and my oh my has it really lived up to its name. I could have dozed off to sleep without having it, with all the gruelling thoughts inside my brain, but it really helped me to flush the bad thoughts out and be easy.

English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

Being a fusion of Darjeeling tea and Assam Black tea, this tea has a strong, sapid taste. The taste in particular is attributed to relax jangling nerves and soothes and induces a calming persona.
Whatever be the time of day, if something requires your full concentration, be congruous with the strong taste of this tea and take a refreshing gulp. It is surely going to revitalize from within, body mind and soul.

Slimming Loose Leaf Tea

Nature hides the best secrets towards cutting stubborn body fat. Coupled with some high intensity interval training, this particular blend can aid towards cutting belly fat and melting saturated fat content. Having the goodness of Seabuckthorn, Licorice, Ginger, Cinnamon, Ginseng, Terminalia-chebula and Terminalia-Arjuna and Moringa, this tea contains the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals to keep the metabolism at top notch levels.
This tea has a very agreeable flavour. Having the combined goodness of Licorice, Ginger, Cinnamon, Rose and exotic spices and herbs, this tea is sure to hit the mark high on pleasing the senses.

I love to have this tea once a week when I perform my HIIT workout. It works in tandem with my balanced diet, my workout routine and my cheat days as well.

Sweet Dreams Loose Leaf Tea

Yes the bedtime tea. This is for the day, when you need nothing except a good night’s sleep to erase the tensions and the gruelling thoughts in your mind. You had an amazing albeit a very laborious day, you cannot cultivate your mind and body into anything other than just lay down on the bed and have a nice sleep.
For those days, this particular blend complete with the goodness of Chamomile, Lemongrass and Gotu Kola, is extremely helpful. You will literally feel your bed raising it’s arms to hug you into its warmth. Just sit back, sip this tea feel its magic work as it jettisons away the thoughts of the day, aiding for a fresh new start.

This tea lives up to its name. It is particularly helpful if enjoyed with warm water, right before bedtime.

Immunity Booster Loose Leaf Tea

Just got out of a nasty bout of flu? Felt your throat scratchy lately? Feeling a bit drained and dehydrated during this summer? Ladies, the answer is here. This particular tea although being an all season favourite, is noteworthy in boosting your immunity levels.

This tea has the blended combination of three parts of Echinacea, leaf, aerial parts and root. Echinacea is believed to be supportive of the immune system and erase any ongoing acute infections.

This tea can be had anytime. Before visitation to a hostile environment, where you might hope to catch some allergic infections or as a general health incentive. It has a bit of a sweet taste, which may even be amenable to your taste buds.

Zesty Lemon Loose Leaf Green Tea

The dynamics of lemon with tea were understood long ago by individuals who when sipped it, could not agree with the simplicity of it’s nature. Well, how can lemon with tea be so amazingly beneficial? It’s just lemon and tea!

Combination of Green Tea and Lemon Peel have been studied by researchers, and it has been widely known that it is helpful in preventing occurrence of a wide variety of diseases. This tea has Organic Green Tea, Lemongrass and Lemon. With the additions of aromatic lemons, it is sure to revitalize your senses, convert distress to eustress and refresh your brain and body.

I prefer drinking this tea hot, with or before my breakfast. You can also add a dash of honey, if the sour and tangy taste is a bit overwhelming for you.

Until next, xoxo

Sensatia Botanicals Skincare Products | Review

I feel most confident when I am taking care of my body and skin.

Demi Lovato displayed an uncanny sense of empathy after she said one of the most important lines ever. Frankly speaking, these words are what I believe makes me care for myself, my skin and always be poised and focused towards my goals. Skincare is not an easy art. It takes me weeks of meticulous habits, lots of balance between diet, exercise, work and sleep, and an unwavering discipline to never ever engage in an activity that harms the skin. Conclusively, I carry some discrete quantities of mega-watt effulgence that’s self-assuring and self-asserting.

Helping me achieve this unassailable state of Nirvana, are the stupendous products from Sensatia Botanicals. Even before I used the products, I could somehow prognosticate that they would work wonders on my skin.

Surf Naked Sunscreen SPF30

Surf Naked Sunscreen is en extremely light, yet offering heavyweight protection from the broad spectrum UVA/UVB rays. It constitutes the goodness of Zinc Oxide, Coconut Oil and Candelila.

Zinc Oxide has been thoroughly researched towards skincare. It has the unmistakable quality of enveloping skin with a protective layer and not letting the harmful UV rays damage the skin. For days, my skin was safeguarded against the harsh sunlight.
Coconut Oil helps in locking the moisture, while it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties aim to flourish the results.
Candelila wax is further used to prevent moisture loss and also as a base to stiffen the texture of the product.

Daily Essential Facial C Serum

Daily Essential C Serum is a true saviour. An amazing commander to have in my arsenal, it protects my skin against premature ageing, wrinkles and maintains elasticity. I could see changes in my facial skin, after 2-3 uses.

Comprising of Aloe Vera, Jojoba Bean, Seabuckthorn, Rosehip, Ginseng Root, Starfruit and Jasmine Blossom, each ingredient forms an integral cog towards the fight against skin problems. Every ingredient has an imperative function. My skin has regained an unsullied radiance and glow. Aloe Vera, aims to clear acne and blemishes. The emollient properties of Jojoba Oil rejuvenate and revivify my skin.
Aiding towards nourishment are Seabuckthorn, Rosehip, Ginseng Root and Starfruit. These ingredients work tirelessly against oil development on my skin, acne breakouts and making the skin glow naturally by increasing the blood flow.

The real champion in this product is the Kakadu Plum extract, boasting 70 times more presence of Vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C helps to bring forth the glow that’s deeply enmeshed.

Acne Clarifying Charcoal Mask

I am in awe of this face mask. It has an earthy feel, while simultaneously its kinetics are all aimed towards stimulating, clarifying and revitalizing the skin. It reduces occurrence of acne by scrubbing away dead skin and toxins away from my skin.

Charcoal is activated carbon. Chemistry nerds are sure to tell you that activated carbon has a tendency to adsorb(not absorb) any impurities or substances on it. Based on pure Kaolin Clay, the additions of Starfruit, Tamarind and Gotu Kola extracts help to stimulate the skin and increase blood flow to unmask the natural skin radiance. Further, it has a pachydermatous combination of Tea Tree, Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oils that helps to clear stubborn acne.

Lemon Meringue Cream Cleanser

The day I wish to achieve velvety smooth skin, I look upon this breathtaking cleanser. A true virtuoso in every sense, this cleanser is loaded with the goodness of Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Tree Butter, Honey, Kakadu Plum, Starfruit and Lemon Extracts. I found it very helpful in removing excess oil and dirt from my skin, and leave it feeling glabrous and supple.

Aloe Vera is as always my knight in shining armour, fighting against a myriad of skin problems, ranging from inflammation, acne, blemishes to simple hydration related ones. Honey is nature’s ointment. It is an amazing exfoliation asset, aiming to fight against acne, ageing and also provides a complexion boost. I found the addition of Shea Tree Butter and Kakadu Plum particularly intriguing. Shea Tree Butter and Kakadu Plum have been my source of fascination towards achieving healthy glowing skin. Shea Tree Butter is loaded with fatty acids to aid in collagen production and Kakadu Plum is an excellent source of Vitamin C, and works tirelessly to fade dark spots, blemishes and acne scarring.

Coconut and Vanilla Facial Scrub

I am a firm believer in exfoliation. Exfoliation is a one stop solution to aim towards healthy, supple and youthful looking skin. This facial scrub helps you achieve just that.

This coconut and vanilla facial scrub has an earthy and a chocolatey sort of fragrant, complete with the wholesomeness of Wildflower Honey, Aloe Vera Juice, Ylang Ylang Flower, Cocoa Seed and Vanilla Essential Oils. I found it deeply satisfying and an engaging facial scrub. I use it twice a week and it gently clears away my dead skin cells leaving my skin fresh and glowing. Honey being a natural anti-bacterial, helps to clear stubborn acne and blemishes. Also it is wonderful in slowing down ageing as it is an amazing antioxidant as well. Further, it helps in achieving a radiant complexion. Aloe Vera is an amazing moisturiser, having titanic capabilities to fight against a legion of skin problems. I found the addition of Ylang Ylang, Cocoa and Vanilla Essential Oils truly riveting. They work in tandem to restore moisture balance, knocking out whiteheads and blackheads out of place and also removes unclogs to skin pores.

Argan and Tamarind Revitalizing Hair Mask

I take special care about my tresses. Pollution in the city and the harsh sun left my hair feeling dry and lifeless. Making sure that my hair stays beautiful and gorgeous has long been my holy grail.

This hair mask is an excellent addition in my brigade of hair-care products. With an amazing herbal mixture, composing of Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Tamarind Extract, Wild Honey and the oils Meadowfoam Seed, Coconut, Avocado and Extra Virgin Olive, this is sure to bring life back to your hair. Each ingredient works in tandem to rejuvenate and revitalise the scalp, promoting moisture, preventing hair loss, relieving scalp of dirt and grease and conclusively, aggrandising hair volume and hair growth. I use it 2-3 times a week after shampoo and it springs an amazing bounce and dynamism in my hair.

Botanical Lip Protection

My lip bedecking regime is always done on the go. Although, I do love my lips and care deeply about them, finding out time specially for them is difficult. That’s why I have always preferred products that are extremely easy to use while travelling or while taking a general break to ease my brain.

The product promises better, plump, softer and amazing lips that are ready to be kissed at a moment’s notice. It uses a delectable herbal-spice combination of Peppermint, Aniseed, Rose Geranium and Cocoa Seed Essential Oils to produce a cool, mildly-spicy albeit chocolatey and a grounding aroma with a slight tingling sensation. Addition of peppermint cause lips to plump up and swell, essential oils of aniseed, rose geranium and cocoa seed essential oils offer deep treatment towards locking moisture and smoothing out chapped lips. A reasonable sequitur of this product is that it gives you beautiful luscious and sexy lips. An irresistible addition is of Wild Bali Honey, that cater towards better invigoration.

This particular lip protection product is extremely easy to use. Effortlessly, I can use this product anytime, while travelling, while taking a break from work or even right before an event or a photo shoot.

Vanilla and Mandarin Lip Hydrate

Another product that helps keep my lips hydrated and shining. I sometimes have a very bad habit of forgetting to keep my lips hydrated when very engrossed in wracking my brains towards solving problems. For those contingencies, I apply this lip hydrating balm. I experienced an extremely amazing result. With its delightful taste this lip balm, locks moisture for the whole day and prevents them from getting chapped and dry.

Additionally, it has a citrus, chocolatey sweet and a soothing combination of Sweet Orange Peel, Rose Geranium and Lemon Myrtle Essential Oils incorporation with a big dollop of Pure Vanilla Bean Oleoresin to give out a soothing, balancing citric aroma that is sure to rattle your senses and make you fall in love with it. Further this product too has a wonderful addition of Wild Bali Honey, that make your lips more irresistible.

Chamomile Tea Facial Toner
Facial toners are very important to my beauty regime. Often times clearing off stubborn dirt and grime quickly means skipping the face wash and instead using a good toner. Toners are relatively easier to use, give a natural good look and help maintain the pH balance of the facial skin.

This facial toner is composed of Aloe Vera Juice, Honey, Romanian and German chamomile essential oils, along with extracts of Green Tea, Starfruit. Gotu Kola and Papaya. These plants and essential oils are helpful to bring forth clear, glowing skin. Chamomile is an actual crème de la crème of skincare products. While it is actually helpful in clearing off acne and blemishes, it is also helpful in preventing further damage to the skin from harsh conditions. It is also a natural skin bleach, protects skin from radical damage and a natural skin moisturiser. Starfruit is helpful in increasing the blood flow and is a natural stimulant. It has anti-microbial elements as well that prevent acne breakouts and blemishes. Gotu Kola is a superior anti-ageing elements that prevents wrinkles, fine lines and slows down the process of ageing.

I love to use this toner after clearing my makeup or as a night time application. It is helpful at night as daytime sweat breakouts and oil formation do not interfere with the working of this product.

Tropical Wildflower Body Butter

This amazing body butter, has a truly remarkable composition. With an ensemble of some amazing ingredients that include Pink Grapefruit, soothing True Lavender, balancing Egyptian Geranium and an intoxicating dose of pure Ylang Ylang, Chamomile & Jasmine blossom essential oils. All of this lusciousness is set in a grounding base of pure African Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut oil, Kukui Nut oil, unrefined Cocoa Butter, Moluccan Almond & Wheatgerm base oils.

I just adore this body butter. My skin actually leaps with joy after it is touched with the magic that is this product. Every ingredient is truly thought out and this mixture is amazingly remarkable. Grapefruit contains high amount of Vitamin A and C, minerals and anti-oxidants that benefit the skin through the grapefruit consumption or a homemade mask. The vitamin C and the antioxidant effects protect the skin from environmental hazards. It also stimulates the production of skin collagen that brings smoothness and elasticity to the skin. The retinol antioxidant gives your skin softness and, renews damaged skin and treats skin pigmentation. Egyptian Geranium is used to provide awesome benefits to the skin and fight against potential eczema. Ylang Ylang flower is an amazing antibacterial agent and a truly remarkable antiseptic. It fights against even the most notorious skin problems to set foot. The essential oils of Chamomile and Jasmine are helpful in cleansing the skin, ultimately leading to a glabrous feel. Wheatgerm base oil is rich in vitamin E and is naturally antioxidant. Not only does it fight as a champion against standard skin problems, defeating them in multiple combats, but also it is a supreme leader.

My experience with the usage of this body butter has been overwhelming. I had no idea, the levels of awesomeness my skin could reach before using this amazing product. My skin though already sublime is now blessed with wondrous joy and it’s loving the pampering.

Lemongrass Botanical Lotion

This was the most amazing surprise I got when I saw this product. It was an amazing bolt out of the blue after I saw this product. And how wondrously helpful it has been for me.

My visits to remote, outlandish locations always made me irritated with the bugs, mosquitoes and flies that always encircled me. How amazingly lucky I am to have used this wonder product. With the combined wholesomeness of Lemongrass, Lavender, Lemon Myrtle, Rosemary, Patchouli and Peppermint Essential Oils, this aromatic blend surely repels every six-legged winged vermin that teases me.

Further, this product is also great for sunburn, existing stings and bites, mosquito bites and rashes. While, I am sometimes travelling and exploring the wilds, this lotion always comes to my rescue.




Aah the soaps. I saved the best for the last. Every soap here screams of the perfection that is Sensatia. Loaded with all things perfect, these soaps are exemplary in whatever job they do best. Every bar of joy has been thought of amazingly, the ingredients seem transcendental, and the results they bring forth are impeccable. Let me breeze through all of them.


-Carrot and Wild Ginger-

Carrot & wild ginger soap has the goodness of Carrot, with a grounding combination of Lemongrass, Ginger and Lemon Myrtle essential oil. It’s perfectly sweet and citric, with the added gentleness of ginger root bite.

Carrot is the ultimate champion in this jaw-dropping product. Being suitable for all skin-types, it is rich in beta-carotene, a remarkable antioxidant, extremely effective in controlling oil secretion, thus promoting a healthy and a pristine complexion. It is also helpful against sunburns, adds elasticity and toning, while softening callouses. Further it has an emollient characteristic that leads to better and soothing skin.

Incorporated with Carrot is another remarkable ingredient. Annatto Seed Oil, is added to further abet the concentration of beta-carotene.


-Bali Cinnamon and Clove-

Cinnamon is an amazing medicinal product. It’s astringent properties are particularly effective in “perking” up dull, ashy skin. Also added are Himalayan Cedarwood and Cinnamon Essential Oils. These particularly bring the warm, woody and spicy-sweet aroma into spotlight. Then serving as the integral cog into the whole mechanistic deployment, is the addition of Clove Bud Essential Oil. Being extremely antiseptic, it can wade off the most stringent and obstinate acne spots and blemishes.

I absolutely adore this soap for the amazing aroma. My skin felt better furnished, with a glow accompanied by the goodness of Cedarwood. The base of Coconut Oil keeps the bar creamy and frothy. Bubbles envelope me and it is amazingly joyous to use this soap.

-Green Tea and Honey-

No moment passes by, when I do not miss the touch of this soap. Green Tea has exceptional properties of emerging victorious against a multitude of skin problems. Preventing sagging, sun damage, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles. You name it. Bowl it. And prepare to see it soar out of the ground. The polyphenols work like a team, and slow down the process of ageing. The antioxidants in it preserve the skin’s youthful appearance.Honey being nature’s secret, helps to gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and keeping the skin supple and glabrous.

Peculiarly, this soap also features Chlorophyll of Alfalfa grass. Remember, the biology lessons ladies? Chlorophyll is what makes leaves green. I was amazed at the aroma it provided.
I rarely feel sluggish in the morning, but even the most pumped up me, gets invigorated with the sense and smell of this soap.


-Tomato and Lime Smoothie Soap-

Being loaded with Tomatoes, this amazing soap contains Vitamins A, B and C to keep the skin loaded with vitamins, and antioxidants. The mildly acidic nature of tomato helps to balance pH levels, tightens pores and gives this soap a gentle peeling action which is extremely effective in keeping a healthy complexion.
I just love the intense, lemony aroma that is provided with the addition of Cold Pressed Limes, Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle Essential Oils. Extremely effective as an anti-bacterial and an anti-fungal, the oil clearing power of lemons is extremely potent in washing away excess oil that leads to blemished skin. French Red Clay serves as an icing on top. It helps detoxifying my skin of the harshness it faced. Further, working as an adsorbent, it disrupts the impurities from the body and pulls it out.
I found this soap extremely remedial towards skin problems. After a long hard day, a bath with this soap provides all the rejuvenation, nourishment and repair that my skin was craving for.


-Coconut and Mandarin Soap-


Coconut Oil has been an irreplaceable asset in the field of Ayurveda. It has the best antioxidant and moisturising properties as well as helping skin to repair itself and from the subpoenas it is required to serve all the day. Addition of Cananga and Mandarin Essential Oils, creates a heavenly and an intoxicating tension relieving and flowery-sweet, citrus aroma. It helps to stimulate new skin cells, as well as minimise lines and wrinkles. Mandarin Oil helps promote healing, while Cananga Oil helps balance both dry and oily skin.

Further, I feel amazingly loved because of the aphrodisiac properties this soap offers. Stepping out of the bath makes me feel more elated and sexy, while I romp around in my day with vigour and energy.


-Seaweed and Bali Lime-


Seaweed is an abode of nutrients. It is considered as a complex source of minerals, trace elements, proteins and vitamins. The vitamins and minerals help to nourish the skin helping to soften rough, dry and flaky looking skin, and helps to remove dead skin cells.
Lime has the powers of exfoliation with it to inculcate an amazing and clear complexion. Lavender Oil tones the skin and is useful against all types of skin problems. The mechanistic Cucumber Seed Oil with it’s freshly cut cucumber aroma, is rich in essential fatty-acids, helping the skin prevent moisture loss and promoting skin elasticity.
I particularly use this soap in the morning, because it’s exhilarating aroma promises me of the wonders the day holds for me. Never been sluggish in the morning, but this soap sure gives me the confidence to soar sky high.


-Garden Grown Loofah-


Loofah Sponges, are the best example of natural exfoliation agents. The cleansing properties it accompanies, removes dead skin cells, giving the skin the radiance it was missing. Also, loofah sponge with sporadic use increases and improves blood circulation throughout the body, conclusively leading to an increase in metabolism.
Incorporating these, are the essential oils of Indonesian Cajeput, Spearmint and Peppermint. Always, known to have an excitingly fresh aroma, concurrent with a herbal sweetness, this soap is amazingly very addictive.
I try hard to refrain myself from using this soap everyday, as excess exfoliation can also aggravate problems of excessive dryness, leading to the skin producing more oils to counter the effects.
I genuinely love this soap, and after a sweaty and exhausting workout, when my skin craves for an exhilaration this soap comes to the rescue.


-Balinese Herbal Lulur-


Straight from the secret minaudières of bali rice farmers, this soap helps to soothe sore muscles and relieving aching joints. Balinese Lulur is an exfoliating, polishing and a skin treatment agent. Sandalwood, Fennel Seed, Aniseed, Eaglewood, Fenugreek, Gandepure and Salam leaf are added to this mixture, making sure that the healing properties of Lulur are left intact.
This soap is best used after some of the most dreary and drab days. It is sure to transcend you into it’s world of aroma, whilst accompanying with it the skin repairing qualities it so surely promises.


-Black Volcanic Sand-


When the craze of exfoliation finds it’s way into the ever thoughtful brain I have, I turn to this filliping bar of wonder. Having the spews of Bali’s own Mount Agung, and its volcanic sand, this particular exfoliating agent is the best bet towards fresh, new and younger looking skin. French Lavender, Spanish Rosemary & Pink Grapefruit Essential Oils truly envelope the prodigy this soap is.
I hereby pronounce this soap as the best exfoliating asset ever. It helped me get rid of the most stringent, stubborn and obstinate acne and blemishes. It also helps with cellulite, improves dry or oily skin, eases lines and wrinkles and helps ease the negative effects of sunburn.


Until next, xoxo

Curve It Right Body Scrub (Tropical Flirt) | Review

It’s morning. You are back from your 5k running regime, your face is burning, your skin has just cleansed itself from the inside and all you want is an amazing breakfast and the best bath to complement and calm the physical stress you have just undergone.

I have seen people speculate on various body washes, soaps and moisturising gels to help keep their skin supple and toned. I can proudly say that I have the perfect product to allow just that. Curve it Right Body Scrub.

Usage of the scrub is more than just a perfunctory application. You will actually hear whispers of endearment in your ears, as the scrub will energise your skin. Catering towards de-tanning, exfoliation and hydration, this is one product I cannot sincerely live without.
Organic Arabica Coffee Beans are the highlight of this amazing product. Coffee is a well known stimulant. Perhaps the best. However, when one of the best coffee beans are infused into a body scrub, it truly helps to target all kinds of odious skin problems. It shows results after just one use. Bid adieu to the most obstinate acne, stretch marks and cellulite.
Also coming straight from the natural abodes of the Himalayan Mountains, it has the Pink Rock Salt. Your skin wants an instant energizing boost and the wonders of pink rock salt are there to comply.
Working further to help is Unrefined Brown Sugar. It cleanses and conditions your skin. Also prevents acne formation and many other skin problems.
The wonders of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil have escaped none. It truly lives upto its status of being proclaimed as a “magic potion”. It works against dehydration of the skin, while helping to retain as well as trap moisture.

And the ever-amazing Vitamin E Oil. Having gathered trust of generations, vitamin e oil is the foremost ingredient in beauty products. Anti-allergic? Check! Anti-inflammatory? Check! Antioxidant? Check! Vitamin E Oil when used in tandem with this scrub somehow has better activation energy.

Ladies, Curve it Right’s Body Scrub will pamper your skin like never. You’ll truly adore it on account of the results you see. So go on buy this amazing product priced at only Rs.1200 and have an amazing time experiencing the wonders it has to offer.

Until next time! Ciao!!