Keeping it Cool & Casual with Presa Flats

I am a tom boy at heart but fashion blogger by profession and trust me that is a deadly combination. I love dressing up and looking fancy but can barely walk straight in a pair of heels. It is very hard to bring a dress up with a pair of ordinary flats and that is why I love my Presa Flats. Their flats are so cool and so classy that they just make every outfit look extremely fun. Also, these flats are so versatile as they go with almost every possible outfit. Be it jeans, skirts, dresses or trousers, you can totally play around with your look with these uber cool flats.
Today I have created 2 looks for you paired with some funky Presa flats:


White and blue combo can never go out of fashion and it’s my go to option when I am left clueless. Here I have picked a white top which has flared sleeves and clubbed it with some tattered blue jeans which makes quite a comfy yet stylish statement. To make this look stand out I have opted for some brown coloured square glares and a red Sling bag. Also, the whole aura about this look is casual every day style and therefore I have paired my look with some commanders slip ons from Presa Flats.


This block print dress is a perfect option while out on a brunch. This dress will suit almost all the body types as it helps in hiding those extra ounces visible near the waist line and makes you look leaner. Keeping up with the whole cool and casual vibe I slid in some super cool flats by Presa flats instead of going with a pair of heels. These flats are also an amazing option if you want to wear this look to a park or picnic. Here I have opted for black glares with white frame which makes the whole look much more funky and stylish. This style is quite easy to Carry off and can be put together in no time at all.

Spot me wearing Presa Flats anywhere & everywhere!

Hence proved that a flats aren’t FLAT anymore. They can be styled up and down and if you like to keep it cool, casual and comfortable, these funky and very stylish footwear are the things to buy. You can use the code “HAPPYFLAT” to avail 10% discount while checkout.

See their entire collection at

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Akira Ming

Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is an unshakeable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

Lately, I have been developing my lifestyle and bending more towards Eco-friendly products. Be it usage of products that are environment friendly, natural and organic or even clothing items that are designed keeping the environment in mind.

Akira Ming is a fashion label for women that has, besides creative imagination, ethics, compassion and the environment at its heart. Style and elegance have often had an inherent cost for either the environment or for humans.

Akira Ming pushes against this notion and endeavors to produce beautiful styles using the most ethical and sustainable practices.

The entire design process – from the search for most sustainable fabrics to the printing and dyeing to finally crafting beautiful elegant shapes – tells a unique story each time. It’s the story of India’s rich heritage of handcrafted yarn. It’s the story of developing technology that goes hand in hand with compassion for tiniest of living organisms. It’s the story of enhancing the lives of master craftsmen living in remote villages who work with their hands to produce amazing textures and weaves.

Instead of regular silk, they use a fabric called Ahimsa Silk. Ahimsa literally translating to non-violent. It is produced in such a way that avoids harming or killing of silkworms. Further the dyeing process is also done using sustainably harvested gum arabica crystals using water based binders.

The Malmal Khadi fabric that goes into the making of various creations is sourced directly from the Malkha Initiative Centre. This initiative supports people involved in the production of the fabric, the farmers and the hand-weavers, by ensuring fair pay for each of them and by elimination of middlemen. The khadi fabric is dyed with environmentally safe and sustainable vegetable dyes.

I was thoroughly happy when I had the honour of donning such a resplendent outfit designed with so much assiduity. The blue top is 100% Cotton Malkha fabric. It has the most fastidious hand embroidery, which looks supreme. Further, the Indigo dye is again environment friendly. Also, the buttons are formed from coconut shells.

There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.

Until next, xoxo

DateMyCloset – Collection Launch

Date My Closet is an amazing rental platform indeed with A-listed designers and authentic designer wear. This is my second stint with them, and I have to say they are stupendous as before. The dresses are remarkable indeed, they fit perfectly, it’s extremely appreciative and as always you get more claps and endearments than before.

I acquired three exquisite dresses from Date My Closet’s New Collection which has launched today. Ethnic dresses have always attracted me. Once again, I set great store by them and would like to talk about rocking the perfect attire.


Nikasha – Embellished Pink Lehenga Set with Dupatta

Another wondrous addition to my ethnic collection is this amazing pink lehenga. I just love the colourful tinctures of this lehenga. It falls right into my list of endearing clothing wear.

The floral embellishments on this blouse scream meticulousness. I figured, being scrupulous sans accessories and minimal makeup would do justice.

It does not disappoint. Unassailable in the face of sobriety, the overall look was perfect.

The particular lehenga can be worn at day time ethnic functions or weddings.

Shantanu & Nikhil – Mint Green Lehenga Set with Bead Work

I am truly in awe of this amazing lehenga. Ethnic clothing has always proven great for me, when I relate it through the characteristics of ethnology. It fires up a pride in my heart, envelopes a thorough grace and strikes a dulcet melody in my ears upon donning it.

The lehenga I am wearing in these photos is extremely pretty. I love the lighter shades of green colour, and they look perfect on me. Almost like an epicurean person, I take deep pride in staying fastidious in my approach towards looking better than even the best. With minimal makeup, and figuring the right accessories a perfect look can be achieved.

This particular attire is perfect for weddings and ethnic events.

Sequence Dress by Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi

Rent your clothes Here or call on 9999680179

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Hola señoras,

I am loving the summers. Vibrancy appeals to me, and my colour palette does all but never exhausts. I am always going for daily wear and dresses that are evocative, unique and vivid all at the same time. Never does my imagination seamlessly vanish, when it comes to finding the perfect attire to rock in.

I have been researching for quite a while about various online stores that offers all that I so desire. Boho Indian is one such online store that offers a clothing range which is pretty idiosyncratic and comfortable enough for daily wear, The patterns are worth admiring. I truly share a distinctive term of endearment for the eccentric patterns on offer. Be it Color Blocking, Hand Printing, Tie n Dye, Ikat prints and many more. I especially adore the Silk and Denim patterns which look pretty classy and comfy too. Truly apt for this season.

Here you can see me wearing a denim t-shirt which has hand printed patterns all over it. I really love the cool and comfortable fit. Close fitting clothes are a big no-no in this hot weather. I have paired it with an olive green skirt which seriously pumps up the glam quotient.

You can either pair it with a pant or a skirt which will equally enhance the overall look. I have a passion for outperforming even the most whimsical notions and as a twist I have put on golden slip on sandals that contrast perfectly with the attire and help attain the desired Bohemian look.

Until next, Much Love ❤

Rent It Bae | A Unique Online Premium Rental Service Provider

Elegance is a statement, an attitude. Elegant women are a women of character with confidence

Elie Saab, with his words perfectly captures the sense, the intuition and the prospective thinking of every woman who strives to look ravishing, classy and dazzling everyday. Whoever said that a girl’s closet is never full was a very intellectual and above all an extremely empathetic person indeed. The words are prototypical, aren’t they? Every time I open my wardrobe, only one particular feeling strikes my mind. I have nothing to wear!

I am a fashion blogger. This goes without saying but I love staying cognisant with everything in vogue. Above all, I pride on my fashion sense being eccentric. Be it the different types of attires, the most idiosyncratic fashion sense or accessories with a symbol of uniqueness. Further, I am a conservative individual too. Even after being a shopaholic, I refrain from being profligate and reckless. I spend my money smartly. I work smartly. I utilise my time smartly and manage to rock it. Everytime!! That’s being smart for you. 

Also, being a fashion blogger, I need to have access to a plethora of clothing items to choose the best from. I need dresses for my blog posts, photo sessions and also for stepping in various events. At times, I need to rock the traditional attire for family occasions as well.

This raises the question of how one can be eccentric in fashion sense, mange being a shopaholic, raise the graph of looking ravishing while simultaneously be conservative, and conduct oneself in an efficient manner concerning management of resources. Count on your fingers how many attributes need to be juggled! 😀

Rentitbae is one such establishment that goes in tandem with my plans. It offers the classiest dresses, ranging from everyday wear to traditional attires complete with designer outfits as well. I chose the plan that was most suitable to me. At only Rs. 3999 I am able to rent unlimited dresses, accessories and designer wear. At Rentitbae I am able to select from a wonderful range of suits, sarees, lehngas, indo western and much more. Supplementing these looks is also an array of exciting add-on products like jewellery, watches, sunglasses. The order process is quite hassle free and quick which really impressed me.

All in all, I love it immensely. Something that harmonises with me and my plans is evident enough to be appreciable.

Below are the looks I created!!

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading the blog, please don’t forget to comment and share it.

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Dramatic Diva

It’s officially starting to feel like summer!

From the catwalk to the red carpet, Pleated skirts are everywhere. They are the ones that pass fashion runway rally right now and are super trendy this season. In todays look I have opted for a rusted color top and paired it with pleated skirt in olive green color. This very combination is quite versatile and can be worn any season. If you want to wear it during the fall season all you have to do is layer it by adding a nice black jacket with low booties and the outfit is perfect and complete for the colder days.

To add something different to the outfit, instead of wearing much of accessories I paired the outfit with a black studded purse and brown peep toe shoes. I love how these shoes spice up any outfit, they are simple but fashionable.

Top : Forever 21

Pleated Skirt : H&M

Clutch : The kiss Label

Wedges : Talons D’or

Until next, xoxo

Metisu Fashion | Look Book

Hey beauts! I hope you all have been keeping well.

This blog is all about comfort and style and how we can pull off any outfit if chosen wisely keeping in mind your body type and how you can accentuate it without much added effort. I advice not to run after the trend blindly and become a fashion blooper, rather go after the one which highlights your best feature. In this blog I’ll be showing you guys 3 outfits that I styled from this superb brand called Metisu.

Metisu is one such amazing online fashion store that caters the most alluring clothes to its admired customers. It has a fascinating clothing collection with a mix of stylish stuff that not only helps to enhance one’s personality but also gives an edge to the normal fashion sense, by keeping in view of the new trends, best quality fabric, texture and craft.

Look 1

This Mustard coloured dress is my darling pick for this fall season that gives an equal effect of comfort and style at one go. This asymmetrical dress is perfect for any casual outing. I have kept this look very minimal & Indian by just putting a black little bindi and letting my hair open.

For the footwear I have chosen these black lace up sandals which contrasts really well with it.

Look 2

This multi colour knee length dress is surely a must buy for all you girlies. This one has a Chinese collar which is buttoned till the waist line and a flowy texture below which fits my body type perfectly. This one is perfect for formal as well as casual outings.

I must tell you that I am more than satisfied with its texture and fit.

Look 3

I am in love with this sea green dress as this gives me the inspo for a casual as well as formal outing. This one has a flowy texture below the midriff and is well fitted above it. This one has this beautiful print all over which imparts a soothing effect to the look. I have kept this look simple sans any accessory. On the makeup part I have highlighted my eyes by lining my upper eye lid with green eyeliner and defining it more on the inner corners of my eyes.

For Hair

I have straightened my hair and left it open which does full justice to this attire.

For Lips

I have applied a very subtle shade of matte pink which balances this look perfectly.



 Xo, Aakshi