Valinta Blueberry Facial Kit Review

Adore facials?

Who doesn’t?

There are times when having an array of cosmetic products makes me devalue the most effective beauty routine that works the best.

A simple effective facial

I had heard a lot about blueberries. The amazing anti-oxidant powers it possesses. How fruitful it is for general health and specifically the advantages it renders to the skin. I was always intrigued and fascinated by blueberries.
So much was placed under scrutiny that I had to try a blueberry infused product.

Valinta Blueberry Facial Kit 

Effective and simple. 5 steps to glowing, radiant and truly flawless skin. Apply the facial cleanser, follow it up with the facial scrub, apply the face massage cream, face gel and then finish off with the face pack.

Valinta Blueberry Cleanser

Skin cleansing is the first step towards an amazing facial regime. This cleanser has special properties of Blueberry Extracts and Lavender Oil. While it deeply hydrates the skin and helps maintain the pH balance, it deep cleanses the skin, keeps the collagens firm and helps maintain the softness of the skin.

Valinta Blueberry Scrub

Enriched with Avocado Oil and walnut grains, this scrub is effective towards removal of blackheads and dead skin cells. The oleic acid content in Avocado Oil is effective in maintaining the softness of the skin and hydrating it. While scrubs are mostly hard on the skin, this particular scrub is gentle enough to guarantee acne treatment, stop growth of blackheads and prevent skin inflammation.

Valinta Blueberry Massage Cream

Infused with the thorough goodness of Rosemary Oil and Almond Oil, this non sticky massaging cream, effectively works ideally for normal to oily skin. Rosemary Oil is effective in removing skin inflammation, works as an antiseptic to prevent growth of any bacterial or fungal infection on the skin and generally leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and glabrous.

Valinta Blueberry Facial Gel

Complete with the integral goodness of Aloe Vera and the choicest blueberries, this facial gel helps to clear away impurities and minimise the production of free radicals on the skin. Aloe Vera has been associated with skin treatment for generations. Working as a part of a mechanistic determination, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and youthful.

Valinta Blueberry Face Pack

Enriched with the goodness of Rose Powder and Chandan Powder, this face pack gives an unsurpassed glow and shine to the skin. The face pack treats the skin finally leaving the skin beam more radiation and shine.

Price : Rs. 1200/-

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Until Next, Much Love


Roots and Herbs Organic Skincare Product(s) Review

Hello my loves.

Nature is in.

Exotic and natural wellness induced holistic skin care is in.

A little selflessness to the environment is in.

Usage of natural and environment friendly skin care products has been raging for quite some time and I became cognisant of the titanic capabilities they have on offer.

The unprecedented and exceptional teachings of Ayurveda have always been elusive since generations. Moreover, bad reviews and quick resulting chemical products have further insinuated an unfavourable thought amongst many individuals which has since been difficult to contravene on logical terms.

However, nothing has stopped Ayurveda from churning out champions year by year.

Roots and Herbs is one such establishment that rises on the laurels of the teachings of the Ayurveda. After my experience with the products, I have exalted them on account of the wondrous results.


Hibiscus has been known as one of the most compelling ayurvedic agents for health skin disorders. Besides its anti-inflammatory properties, it is an absolute guardian angel having several benefits for hair too.

This was the first time when I tried a natural hair lep (masque) and my experience was remarkable. Having the essentials of Hibiscus and mulethi, this hair lep worked amazingly on my hair reducing hair fall and improving the quality of my hair. It also helped to promote hair growth and hydrate the scalp as claimed. Conclusively this product is now a must have for my hair care regime.

Price : Rs. 700/- for 50 gm


Ashwagandha is a sublime ayurvedic agent that has a myriad of skin benefitting properties. In addition to brightening skin, it helps to fade blemishes, protect against sun induced damage, and helps the skin thoroughly due to its antioxidant properties.

The Ashwagandha in this masque and activator, is a true blessing for my oily skin. Prone to a sudden outburst of pimples, it helps to control the bacteria thus achieving glabrous skin sans acne. I use this amazing masque thrice a week, for clear de-tanned skin, free of dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads.

As a sequitur, my skin has become more awesome, even more glabrous, clear, detoxified and glows naturally.

Price : Rs. 1450/- for both


I am a big fan of natural shampoos and conditioners. Often, my hair feels lifeless after a day of stress and too much exposure to sunlight and pollution. Chemical based cleansing and conditioning products only seem to promise a lustrous shine and strength to my tresses for about 3-4 hours.

I have to say, these two product never ceases to amaze me everytime I use it. My hair becomes more gorgeous and much more lustrous. Even graphical tesselation would have a hard time rendering each hair. Dirt and grease are eradicated with ease. My hair smells fetching, and engulfs a wonderful flowery aroma that is an instant knockout.

Having an infusion of natural herbs, cold pressed oils and steam distilled essential oils. It’s active concentrated agent is the amazing Jabapushp, that cleanses and conditions the hair from within making it frizz free & shining.

Price for Shampoo : Rs. 280/- for 50 ml.

Price for Conditioner: Rs. 450/- for 50 ml


Gotukola is a truly endearing plant indeed. For starters it has heart shaped leaves. Being a biological member of the carrot family, it has the same effects and properties.

I use this body wash twice a week for truly amazing skin that proves itself a champion even in times of distress. I generally am scared of any premature ageing signs on my skin. I have to say this body wash has completely erased all the fears.

Gotukola is an ayurvedic gem that is extremely murderous to any and every skin disorder or a sign of premature ageing. It also helps to preserve moisture and lock hydration of the skin. Further, it helps in fighting cellulite production thereby ensuring younger looking skin.

Price : Rs. 750/- for 100 gm


I generally have days that are extremely stressful and I feel down after a hard day at work. I save my most prized possessions for such days. Emerging calm out of a stressful and a hard day is an amazing victory in itself.

I reward myself to a wondrous aromatherapy session that instills a calming and soothing effect whilst helping my skin simultaneously. This smashing shower gel, complete with the goodness of white sandalwood and saffron helps to attain that epitome of awesomeness I usually long for.

The goodness of sandalwood and saffron helps to achieve clear unblemished skin that is downright awesome. Sandalwood, used since time immemorial is an ayurvedic wonder that brightens skin, acts as an antiseptic agent, and removes excess oil. Saffron being rich in carotenoids and antioxidants help prevent skin against free radical damage.

A use of this product in the evening and I feel at ease, completely refreshed and all ready to take on the world with the newfound confidence.

Price : Rs. 290/- for 50 ml

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Until Next, Much Love

Nutrova Collagen + Antioxidants Review

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

Here’s the deal. You want to achieve glowing skin? Are you rarely sanguine, when you gaze out in the open sun and feel down and scared about your skin?

Love, you gotta be fastidious in your approach. Being scrupulous is the best way towards achieving glowing, glabrous and unmistakably flawless skin. You dawdle for a day and your skin betrays you. Love it, pamper it and care for it. Your skin enjoys your indulgence.

I recently got my hands on Nutrova‘s Collagen + Antioxidants. And by jove have they worked the magic amazingly. Being sedulous obviously pays. My expectations of amazing skin have risen exponentially.

This drink is an amazing health potion. With every gulp the zenith of skin perfection raises itself. I get over with one drink, and every time my skin is an exemplar of personified beauty. My skin radiates consummate elegance and I feel confident, lovely and potentially badass 😉

Let’s move into nerd gear now.

What makes this amazing drink so helpful towards skin care.

For starters, it has Collagen Peptides. Collagen is the main protein of skin. Now my lifestyle is not easy. I work my ass off, subject myself to logical propositions, travel and try to eat healthy and be free of stress. I have to say, skin care in the most elemental form begins when you stay stress free. In this fast paced world it is difficult. Any form of stress plays hard on the body. Even your skin is subjected to certain adverse effects on stress. Collagen breaks down, gets damaged and leads to bad skin. The Collagen Peptides, in this amazing drink helps to rebuild damaged collagen, and makes way for skin that looks healthy, flawless and hydrated. In one word, skin becomes more awesome.

One travels too much and it leads to harsh adverse effects on the skin. Everyday the skin plays battles against pollution, sunlight, harsh UV rays and sweat. Nutrova‘s proprietary antioxidant complex, helps to protect against skin damage and leads to healthy and better looking skin, raising the bar of perfection every single time.

Conclusively, I adore this amazing formulated drink. Any terms of endearment I shower on it are not enough for the marvel and wonder it does to my skin. This potion completes my love for amazing skin.

For laters, lovelies. XOXO!

Inatur’s Bloggers Meet and Product Review

Hello lovelies.


It’s not a regime or a routine.

It’s not an application of 4-5 products that mechanise themselves in order to render magic.

It’s a way of life. It’s perseverance. It is that fastidious approach that needs to be surreptitious all the same.

Everybody loves catering to someone’s every whim. To spoil someone, and make them feel special. I chose that someone to be my skin.

Inatur brings forward a range of 100% organic skincare products that are crackerjack, gentle on the skin, result oriented and insanely natural. I went for a bloggers meet at Logix Mall in Noida, where Inatur showcased the amazing variety of gilt edged products it has.

One with the Founder of Inatur, Ms. Pooja Nagdev.

I received some of the most phenomenal products that are specifically curated for my skin type.


Facial foam

This oil control facial foam, in all seriousness, is an imminent necessity. The weather is not improving, sweaty days are common and with sweat arises multiple skin problems. An infusion of Basil, Neem and Clove Oil helps in achieving better and wonderfully joyful skin.
Basil, helps to detoxify skin and minimise blackheads. It also helps in toning the skin to achieve a brighter complexion and register a lasting glow. Neem, being an amazing antibacterial agent, helps in restraining pimples and acne. Clove oil helps in preventing pimple and skin infections.

The inclusion of these wonderful natural products helps in removing excess oil, removing dust, opening the clogged pores and letting the skin breathe.

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera has been a vintage beauty enhancer since ages due its wonderful properties which can be used in quite distinctive ways.

It has soothing properties that help to cure sunburn, heal skin irritation, work as a moisturizer, and envelop an age defying radiance on the skin.

Daily application of this gel, is sure to provide you confidence that so accompanies with truly glowing and glabrous skin.

Tea Tree Serum

Aah, my knight. My protegee and my saviour. Tea Tree Serum has been one of those products that my skin adores. If ever there was a term of endearment, explicitly characterised as The One, it would quite truly be Tea Tree Serum.

Tea tree is a great antiseptic and a disinfectant. It offers a myriad of amazing properties, ranging from rooting out obstinate acne, fighting against sore throat and cold, curing bad breath and inflamed gums, and also helping in preventing hair fall.

Body Mist

Exude confidence, and walk with an imperturbable air of mystic superiority that is bound to impress many. Being 100% organic, and accompanying a wonderful floral fragrance, this body mist is sure to bring out the equanimity that your body and mind so wanted.

Having the goodness of the essential oils of Plumeria(Champa), Jasmine(Chameli) and Rajnigandha, it has a gentle, sensuous and an ecstatic fragrance which will linger on for an entire day. A little spray on wrists, neck and shoulders will suffice to keep you fresh and fragrant all throughout the day.

Cucumber Toner

This one is enriched with Cucumber that reinvigorate the skin and has mild bleaching property which can reverse skin tanning, treats open pores, prevents blemishes. The essence of Basil Oil,  Tea tree Oil and Lemon Oil in it really helped me in skin conditioning, bringing glow to my skin.

It comes in an easy-to-spray bottle.

You can dab or spray it onto your face at any time of the day to get cleansed and refreshed skin.

You can buy these products here
Until next, Love

Feather & Bone Gem Face Wash Review 

My interests are at their zenith, when an amazing product bestows itself upon me. This paradigm always makes me write in a condescending and snobbish manner which although may seem deviant, reflects my inner joy and wonder.

I received a unique face wash from Feather and Bone. And it is a true blessing to my gentle skin. Having an infusion of Fuller’s Earth, Sandalwood and Starch, it works like a charm. The magic it weaves, is indelible, surreptitiously fastidious and breathtaking.

Fuller’s Earth is Multani Mitti for you. An amazing gift from the nature, it is extremely potent in expelling out even the most stringent skin problems. When skin problems become ninjas, it’s time to bring out Fuller’s Earth. This face wash as a result helps in clearing out acne, absorbing excess oil, removing scars and improving skin complexion.

Sandalwood possesses some of the most amazing medicinal qualities. It is truly an asset when it comes to skin care. Evidently enough the qualities of sandalwood were transparent after I used this face wash and a glabrous feeling latched itself to my skin. In addition, my skin revived it’s natural glow, with a promise of an anti-ageing protection.

Starch in this face wash, works tirelessly as an anti-inflammatory and a moisturiser. Also it helps in eliminating fine lines, wrinkles and aids in skin hydration.

Amazingly enough, my skin’s natural oils are still maintained, causing no skin breakouts. Plus it is paraben free, so that mucky whiteness never settles on my skin.

This product can be used both as a face wash and a face mask.

Much love readers!

Organique Skincare Products | Review 

Hello lovelies


It’s time to step into the awesomeness of organic wholesomeness. For a few weeks now, I have been using these awesome-sauce natural skincare products from Organique. Read my take on it below!



Facial Cleanser (For all Skin Types)



Organique’s facial cleanser is a remarkable product indeed. I have never come across a cleanser that has a powdered texture. I was very satisfied after it’s usage and found it wonderful.

Made with the goodness of Oatmeal, Rice Flour, Kaolin Clay, Strawberry Powder, Rosepetal Powder, Evening Primrose Oil and Essential Oils of Carrot Seed, Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Germanium. 

Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect for most skin types. Oatmeal contains saponins, a cleansing agent, and can therefore be used as a mild soap. It is moisturizing and helps remove dead skin cells. Further it does help to treat acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes. Rice Flour is an excellent exfoliating agent, acne reducer, and age spot reducer. Kaolin Clay has amazing exfoliating properties, strawberry acts towards acne prevention, boosts collagen production due to high content of Vitamin C. Roses being gorgeous as they are have some of the most amazing qualities that caters towards gorgeous skin. Use of this cleanser, makes my skin even toned, cures and prevents acne formation, removes dead skin and also acts as a natural sunscreen. Evening Primrose Oil has amazing hydration capabilities, second to none. Acting as a stimulant, it boosts blood circulation, which treats skin problems suffered all day long due to pollution and dust. Essential oils of carrot seed, Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Germanium helps to treat a plethora of skin disorders. It also aids towards skin nourishment, whilst tightening and rejuvenating skin.

Renewal Serum


Organique’s  Renewal Serum is a must have product. Having an infusion of several herbs, it fights against various problems that are prone to people having sensitive skin. Inflammation troubles most, acne production and dirt making the skin deem dull. I face problems whenever I travel too much and my skin clashes with the wrath of sun and dirt. Although, it’s oily nature can be mistaken, fret not ladies it is absorbed at a superior rate, while not clogging pores. Better absorption means better results which in turn induces instant glow and firmness. Also having a preparation of some of the choicest herbs, it leaves a refreshing feel to the skin and a herbal aroma that captures your senses.
 Made with the goodness of (herb infused) Jojoba Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Turmeric Oil, Vitamin E, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Hazelnut Oil and essential Oils of Sandalwood, Helichrysum and Lavender. Jojoba oil smooths irritations on the skin and upon regular use it controls acne. Black Cumin Oil has anti-ageing properties. It restores skin vibrancy and skin health. Turmeric has been known to lighten skin, reduce acne and fight against an army of skin problems. Curcumin – one of the most important active compounds found in turmeric – is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral powerhouse. Beyond its spectrum of benefits for physical and mental health, turmeric has an amazing effect on skin as well. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient towards maintaining skin health.
Pumpkin seed oil is rich in vitamin E, zinc, omega 3- and 6- fatty acids as well as antioxidants, therefore it has tremendous benefits for the skin in terms of retaining moisture, fighting free radicals and maintaining a youthful appearance. Argan Oil is an excellent moisturiser and is known to hydrate skin and give it a natural boost. Hazelnut Oil unclogs pores and are naturally hydrating. Essential oils help to tighten, lighten and smooth the skin. In addition, the antiseptic properties in it thrash skin irritations all day long and keep them at bay. I am very much in awe of this product.
This amazing mixture helps attain that perfect glow without going the chemical way and helps in attaining clear and lissom skin.


Detox Mask



Organique has created the one product I was extremely happy to use. It exhibits originality, and is exceptional when churning out results. After a long tiring day, I just love to apply this face mask, and have a good nap or listen to some progressive music. After just one use of this detox mask I was satisfied.



It has the capabilities of Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Activated Charcoal, Aloe Vera Powder, Calendula Powder, Green Tea Powder and Rose Petals Powder. Each ingredient is an integral cog working tirelessly to generate the best results for my skin. Bentonite clay forms organically from volcanic ash. The minerals in it help to flush out toxins, both internally and externally. Thereby, it reduces any further possibility of bacteria formation. Studies on Rhassoul Clay have confirmed that it works against blemish production, redness, flakiness. Also it evens skin tone, maintains skin elasticity. Upon addition to water both Bentonite and Rhassoul Clay swell up and then the amazing volume of this negatively charged mixture can be used to uproot blackheads, flush out toxins and maintain skin health for long periods of time. Aloe Vera is the all time champion of skin health. It works as a moisturiser, seconds as an anti-fungal, antiseptic cover to the skin and moonlights as a skin treatment persona. 


Neem Tulsi Aloe Vera Soap & Coffee Vanilla Soap



Ahhhh, the soaps. I loved the way the soaps worked wonders on my skin.
Neem Tulsi Aloe Vera Soap has been my choice of soap whenever I need those refreshing baths where the aroma and smell enchants me for hours. I feel calm, lazy and hate working after I bathe with it. Aloe Vera is truly unbeatable when it comes to fighting against a plethora of skin problems. Neem and Tusli(Basil) are amazing additions to this product. Neem already being an ace in Ayurveda, helps treat a variety of obstinate skin problems. Basil helps in removing toxins, whilst clearing acne and adds a fine glow to the skin. Shea butter contains oleic, stearic and palmitic acids thereby aiding in skin’s collagen production.
Coffee Vanilla soap has vanilla essence and coffee extracts, in addition to having Honey, Cocoa Butter and Kaolin Clay. Coffee is an amazing stimulant. It increases blood flow to the skin wherever applied, thereby exfoliating dead skin and leave it silky smooth and lithe. Vanilla has amazing anti-ageing properties and antioxidants in it keep free radical production at bay. Honey is nature’s ointment. It relieves skin of every problem possible and heals it from within. Cocoa Butter moisturises from within, while Kaolin Clay has exfoliating properties.


Both soaps have the wholesomeness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. Extra Virgin Olive Oil penetrates deep into the facial skin, thereby cleaning it from within and protecting it from many skin problems. Being rich in Vitamins A and E, extra virgin olive oil is an absolute gem of an addition to this soap. Coconut oil replenishes your skin from within and provides it nourishment. Castor Oil being an excellent adsorbent, is an anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and an anti-blemish production agent. Avocado oil is another amazing moisturiser, reduces inflammation, reduces blemishes and helps in achieving perfect glowing skin.


Chocolate Lip Balm


Having a scintillating flavour of chocolate, this lip balm neither is too thick nor does it deluge too much. I use it to get smooth, chapped lips and keep them soft all day long.

Until next, xoxo

Tvakh India Organic Skincare Products | Review

Yep, the sun is here, the summers are here, bright dresses are here, fashionable hairdos are here and cooler drinks are here. Even as one aims to rejoice the summers, it’s always the skin problems waiting right at the corner.

Skin maintenance is always a big challenge during summers. Fighting on our side, are the amazing people at Tvakh India that have come up with a magnificent array of products. Say goodbye to all your skin problems and embrace these products.

Aloe and Grapeseed Skin Brightening Massage Gel

This massaging gel works wonders on the skin. Infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Grapeseed Oil, Organic Indian Gooseberry or Amla, Vitamin A, C, E Complex and Minerals. Since time immemorial, Aloe Vera has been used to fight against a barrage of skin problems. Grapeseed is a non-comedogenic product, aiding towards fighting against stubborn acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. Amla provides Vitamin C and reduces the amount of free radicals through its antioxidant qualities.

Every element works like a cog into providing the best results a product can truly offer. It provides a soothing and cooling effect to your skin, thereby keeping it firm and tight. Also being gel based it penetrates deep into your skin and leaves it with a revivifying feeling. Love your skin this summer!

Price : Rs. 255/-

Colloidal Oat and Carrotseed Broad Spectrum Sun Guard Gel

This Sun Guard Gel maintains the perfect balance of Sun protection, non greasiness and chemical free agents. Pervaded with the goodness of Colloidal Oat, it has a palliative nature towards your skin. Carrot Seed Oil, being a great antioxidant helps in skin rejuvenation. Say goodbye to problems caused by UV Rays and pollution this summer.

It’s thorough application leaves a matte texture on the skin, seemingly similar to a foundation, which I personally think is a perfect usage tactic in this weather.

Price : Rs. 370/-

Activated Charcoal Oil Control Exfoliating Facial Scrub

This scrub is infused with the goodness of charcoal that helps in extracting the dirt settled on our skin and stops acne causing bacteria. Presence of Amla (a natural source of Vitamin C) and Orange Peel extract helps in brightening the skin and attain a blemish free skin. This concoction as a whole helps in removing the dead skin cells and get a smoother, brighter and supple skin without causing any sort of dryness.

Price : Rs. 425/-

Until Next, XOXO