SUGAR’s Tip Tac Toe Metallic Nail Lacquers – New 6 Shades

Sugar Cosmetics is all accelerated with the launch of their beautiful collection of metallic nail paints that look promising. They have come up with 6 unique shades namely – 039 – Bold As Brass (Metallic Brass), 040 – Rust For The Record (Metallic Copper), 041 – Amethyst Actress (Metallic Purple), 042 – Rock And Rose (Metallic Rose Gold), 043 – Deep Down Diopside (Metallic Emerald Green) and 044 – Sapphire Straits (Metallic Blue).

Metallic Brass is one of my favourite. This particular shade is extremely elegant. In an everyday life, elegance speaks for itself. It suggests sophistication, taste and refinement. It is an unquestioned value of immediate appeal and in no need for argument.

040 – Rust For The Record (Metallic Copper)

041 – Amethyst Actress (Metallic Purple)

042 – Rock And Rose (Metallic Rose Gold)

043 – Deep Down Diopside (Metallic Emerald Green)

044 – Sapphire Straits (Metallic Blue)

It was intriguing and tantalizingly charming to witness the magic these nail paints behold. It does not flow too much and a single coat will suffice to render an eminent and a first-rate finish to your nails.

These are priced at only Rs. 299.

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Get. Set. Go. And buy this superlative collection.


Sugar Cosmetics – Arch Arrival Brow Definer 02 Taupe Tom (Grey Brown) Review

Doing your brows is more than a treatment. It’s an Art.

I believe every situation deserves a good pair of brows. Good brows aren’t cheap and cheap brows aren’t good. When only one strand of hair can make or break a perfect brow, I believe being assiduous and thorough is the only answer.


Arch those eyebrows bros!

Thick brows are a blessing. Nothing frames a face so beautifully, or gives an instantaneous lift quite like perfectly shaped eyebrows. Sugar Cosmetics have come out with their first ever brow definer, Arch Arrival Brow Definer.

Make sure to really learn meaty amounts of endearing terms because you will run out of them.

Encapsulate precise shaping and generous filling with it’s triangular slant edge. Embrace the artist in you, strike confidence with each stroke and result it out in a perfect brow. The pencil is retractable.

And then welcome the spoolie. Dramatic and soft arches need to look a slapdash affair. The spoolie helps to blend those brows naturally. Load up this weapon of choice and fire point blank on your brows. You would be killing the look.



The texture is perfect. Having a waxlike consistency, it glides perfectly and effortlessly on the eyebrows. I chose the  02 Taupe Tom (Grey Brown) shade which is suitable for light to medium skin tones. The product is specially formulated to be sweat and humidity resistant. It does not smudge and is waterproof. Further, it’s Apply and Forget. Lasting an amazing, 9 hours during the course of the day, I was sublimed by it’s awesomeness.

Price : INR 499/- 

Give it a try and fall in love with it. 

Until next, xoxo

Pampering Session at Spa Hibiscus

Spa Hibiscus is a holistic offering of a Spa, Salon and Gym under one roof, that guarantees to deliver Relaxation, Beauty and Fitness Services. The utmost integrity and honesty is truly inspiring in the face of lifestyle changes.

With a bag of extensive services, it pampers you physical, mental and spiritual persona. Coupled with an endearing environment, smart and professionally capable people, truly all senses dance with joy.

I had the joy of visiting Spa Hibiscus and was mesmerized and spellbound by the magic in the air. The place had an amazing aura, almost poetic.

First up was an amazing Sensiglow facial. My skin is often subjected to oily outbreaks. I was suggested something that would yield me the best results. The facial involved 6 different steps –

Cleansing : Sensi-Cleanse and Sensi-Wash

A thorough cleansing is always necessary for a facial, as it relieves the skin of dirt and impurities and offers a perfect base for further application of products.

Toning : Sensi-Tone

I am not a fan of incessant scrubbing, as it renders more damage to my sensitive skin. As a result, toning was done on my skin. The toner was loaded with anti-oxidants and anti-irritants that was suggestive for my skin.

Massage : Sensi-Gel

A massaging routine was done on my face. As massages are proven to stimulate facial skin and muscles, it is an anti aging skincare in itself. Further more blood flow and oxygen flow helps in giving a natural glow to the skin.

Face Mask : Sensi-Mask

This face mask was an exfoliating and hydrating mask perfect for sensitive skin.

Sensi-Skin Saver

This was a restorative finishing toner that consisted of Butterbur Extract and Shiso extract.

After the Sensi Glow Facial, I got a sensational hair makeover.

Conclusively, I had a perfect time at Spa Hibiscus. You guys should visit them for great beauty experiences.

Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with their latest offers and discounts.

Until Next, Much Love

Valinta Blueberry Facial Kit Review

Adore facials?

Who doesn’t?

There are times when having an array of cosmetic products makes me devalue the most effective beauty routine that works the best.

A simple effective facial

I had heard a lot about blueberries. The amazing anti-oxidant powers it possesses. How fruitful it is for general health and specifically the advantages it renders to the skin. I was always intrigued and fascinated by blueberries.
So much was placed under scrutiny that I had to try a blueberry infused product.

Valinta Blueberry Facial Kit 

Effective and simple. 5 steps to glowing, radiant and truly flawless skin. Apply the facial cleanser, follow it up with the facial scrub, apply the face massage cream, face gel and then finish off with the face pack.

Valinta Blueberry Cleanser

Skin cleansing is the first step towards an amazing facial regime. This cleanser has special properties of Blueberry Extracts and Lavender Oil. While it deeply hydrates the skin and helps maintain the pH balance, it deep cleanses the skin, keeps the collagens firm and helps maintain the softness of the skin.

Valinta Blueberry Scrub

Enriched with Avocado Oil and walnut grains, this scrub is effective towards removal of blackheads and dead skin cells. The oleic acid content in Avocado Oil is effective in maintaining the softness of the skin and hydrating it. While scrubs are mostly hard on the skin, this particular scrub is gentle enough to guarantee acne treatment, stop growth of blackheads and prevent skin inflammation.

Valinta Blueberry Massage Cream

Infused with the thorough goodness of Rosemary Oil and Almond Oil, this non sticky massaging cream, effectively works ideally for normal to oily skin. Rosemary Oil is effective in removing skin inflammation, works as an antiseptic to prevent growth of any bacterial or fungal infection on the skin and generally leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and glabrous.

Valinta Blueberry Facial Gel

Complete with the integral goodness of Aloe Vera and the choicest blueberries, this facial gel helps to clear away impurities and minimise the production of free radicals on the skin. Aloe Vera has been associated with skin treatment for generations. Working as a part of a mechanistic determination, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and youthful.

Valinta Blueberry Face Pack

Enriched with the goodness of Rose Powder and Chandan Powder, this face pack gives an unsurpassed glow and shine to the skin. The face pack treats the skin finally leaving the skin beam more radiation and shine.

Price : Rs. 1200/-

Buy Here

Until Next, Much Love


Hey Loves,

I recently got 2 moisturising creams from Kronokare . I have to say it was truly a remarkable experience. The moisturising creams are second to none. They work the magic quickly and the results do stay long.

Kronokare is truly an environment friendly organisation. The products in their catalogue are natural, free from man-made fabrications, free from paraben, sulphates, silicone and mineral oil. The products are also bio-degradable. This is in accordance with Kronokare’s mantra ensuring that in addition to not harming the skin, they also do not harm the environment.

Further, many organic products are also not affordable. Kronokare however ships them at truly affordable prices. The products have a very high concentration of active ingredients that help in achieving results faster than other similar products. If that doesn’t peak your interest, tell me what does!

Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream – 50 GM

For those dry days, when incessant scrubbing or a product unreasonably makes my skin dry and rough. My skin craves for some moisturising love. Loaded with the goodness of Beetroot Extract, Vitamin E and the finest essential oils, this cream does help in eradicating the gloomy dryness and pervades a glistening shine on the skin.

Beetroots have been long used to cure all sorts of skin problems. In addition, beetroot extract in this cream fights dryness and keeps the skin hydrated the whole day long. It does not lead to oily shine as well.

Bash The Gloss Moisturising Face Cream –  50 GM

For those general days, when the skin retains excess oil, this cream is a boon. My skin is oily, which means I have to care about it more than normally required.

Further, being oily, it is prone to acne outbursts and pimples. My skin then craves for some moisturising that relieves it of the excess oil. An infusion of Tea Tree, Bergamot and Rosemary, in addition to Vitamin E, truly helps in achieving the desired results. The glistening shine due to oil is thrashed, a matte shine and natural glow of the skin accompanies and the skin feels fresh and revitalised.

Tea Tree helps in removing excess oil, blemishes and getting rid of tenacious acne marks and pimples.

Bergamot is known to heal scars and marks, toning the skin, and also kill any bacteria residing on the skin. You can be sure to unveil the natural glow of your skin.

Rosemary has nutrients that reverse the process of ageing, protect skin from damage caused by free radicals, and also serve as an antiseptic.

Priced at Rs. 795/- each

Both the creams have an added presence of Vitamin E that helps in fighting off free radicals, reducing wrinkles and also providing an antioxidant cover to the facial skin. It’s moisturising capabilities are truly unparalleled. It also helps to cure all skin ailments caused due to overlong exposure of skin to harsh sunlight.

Until Next, Xoxo

Wikka Sun Protect Suncreen & Jasmine Body Freshener | Review 


Coco Chanel has always been my idol when it comes to caring about yourself and sparkling through the apparent darkness. Her quotes have always motivated me, galvanizing me towards being tough outside as well as inside. When it comes to making big in the world, everything ceases to agree with you seamlessly. Incoherence is the definition of life. It’s the drive, the burning oil and the passion to continue what separates us strong women from the rest.

My drive and my hunger to make it big in life always stays in agreement with how I look, how well I am doing and how elite and legendary my blog posts are.

Often times, I have to try really hard to keep my skin perfect and flawless. I toil hard to look good and I aim to always flourish the thematic elements of my literary work to render blog posts that are downright immaculate.

The one wondrous thing that recently happened in my life was me getting these stupendous and crackerjack products from Wikka. What they promise is definitely what I got. There are actual magical constituents in their products. I am truly, literally and figuratively spellbound by their magic. My powwow with their concept of Aromatherapy to induce benefits to skin, body and soul has truly impressed me.

Sun Protect with Green Tea Extracts SPF30+

I just love SPF30 sunscreens. However, this one in particular complete with the extracts of Green Tea and having the strength of the essential oils of Chamomile German, Lavender and Germanium is simply stunning.

While helping in eradicating the production of free radicals linked with overexposure of skin to sun, and also reducing inflammation, Wheat Germ Oil, in cooperation with Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Carrot Seed Oil, add subtle qualities towards the efficacy of this product. Vitamin E has marvelling skin care attributes that help counter the effects of ageing, acts as a moisturiser and treats skin for any sign of rashes and blemishes. Carrot Seed Oil doubles up as a skin antiseptic and provides me the strength to step out in the sun freely without worrying about the sun. I can travel freely in the sun too. Lavender and Germanium help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Price : Rs. 1500

I can very well confirm that this is the most amazing and satisfying sunscreen I have ever used. It is truly jaw-dropping, inculcating an unsullied glow and radiance on my skin. I cannot simply search for a term of endearment for this awesome product.

Jasmine Body Freshener

Jasmine is an extremely amazing flower. It has the most amazing and alluring fragrance. The aroma of Jasmine has pleasing feeling, and helps to crane the mind and also actively fights depression. I always am in a poetic and romantic mood as soon as the aroma of Jasmine consumes me wholly. While exercising and running truly can boost serotonin production in the brain, Jasmine also has a catalysing effect in it’s production.

I have never used this product in vain. Be it the daytime or the night time, regular use of this body freshener has always been helpful. My skin loves being mollycoddled by its touch. A radiant, indelible glow accompanies my face and skin after its use. My skin is more glabrous and more beautiful. At times when I am stressed and the working hours take an immense toll on me, I crave for a long, restful and an undisturbed sleep. Use of this little magic potion with my night cream works wonders. I fall asleep instantly, inhaling the aromatic love it envelops me with.

Price : Rs. 900

Until next, xoxo

The Nature’s Co Sweet Almond Foot & Toe Cream | Review

Here’s a thought!

People tend to be impressed by amazing feats. Keep your feet fit to scale those feats. 
The hot weather will not play nicely with your feet. You need to let your feet breathe in order to keep them looking luscious all day long. Sport on your favourite pumps, wrap your feet around those sultry stilettos and trot on. Here’s one of the best feet care products from The Nature’s Co. I acquired recently.

First up, this cream is indeed the best rescuer for your feet in this hot weather. Being chromatically consistent surely has the highest perks as your natural skin colour comes up best with your favourite pair of sandals. The skin of your feet is relatively more thick and hard because it has to endure the ground all day long. Fret not, dears. This cream penetrates deep into your skin, repairs it and keeps it soft and supple. Apply a small quantity, rub for a few seconds and let the magic work it’s way. The conclusions will surely steal your breath away.
Filled with the goodness of Sweet Almond Oil, it drags along the highly potent and amazing Vitamin E. Bid adieu to oxidative stress and heat radiation damage. Also, it has the natural scrubbing strength of Apricot Kernel Oil. In addition it has, Spearmint Extract for cleansing, Lemongrass Oil for the enchanting aroma, Carrot Seed Oil to effectively moisturise, tighten and rejuvenate the skin, Patchouli Oil to fight against a wide array of fungicidal buildups, Shea Butter for its skin smoothing agents such as oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids, and Glycerin and Olive Oil to aid in moisturising.
Wear your feet with pride people!!
Priced at only Rs. 445/-

You can buy this product on The Nature’s Co. or on Amazon and Nykaa

Until next, Xoxo