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We have almost stepped into winters and I cannot get less excited about it. November and December are my happy months. With the change of season comes new beginnings, warm socks, and days off, Christmas, New Year and much more. But with the joys comes the cautions that one needs to take care of.

Starting with today’s blog, I want to share my experience with you all about an amazing product which I have been using since a month now. Pantene Oil Replacement, the product which I am absolutely in awe with. Winters, to me is all about taking care of my skin and hair. Keeping my skin healthy & hydrated is simpler than keeping my hair healthy & hydrated. Oiling can be the best option for anyone who doesn’t know about Pantene Oil Replacement. And the reason why I am saying this will be cleared to you while reading below the supremacy of this product.

Oil Replacement has been a new launch by Pantene Pro-V and its indeed ruling hearts of many. It is the best substitute of oil that works like magic to the unruly and damaged hair. In this polluted environment our hair suffers the most. Pollution not does only makes our hair dry and lifeless but also leads to hair fall, thinning and other related hair problems. Oiling surely helps hair to regain its strength and quality but we all know how much arduous and time consuming it is.

I have oily skin type and thus it gets troublesome for me to oil my hair on regular basis, as oiling makes my skin 100 times oilier and gets easily prone to acnes. This is when Oil Replacement comes in and save me from the hassle and the cons of oiling.

Why choose Oil Replacement over any other normal hair oil?

  • Because… This Oil Replacement has Pro-Vitamins and goodness of oils that giving you 2X stronger hair hassle-free.
  • It is consists of essential vitamins which helps in minimizing hair breakage and damage.
  • It comes with a benefit of oil and serum in one which smoothens the hair and nourish it without causing any stickiness.
  • It is Non-oily, non-sticky and feels light on hair.
  • It comes in a pretty long golden tube with a flip cap and can be an easy fit while traveling.

It definitely helped me in taming my tresses in a quick span. I use it every day, be it before washing my hair or after.

Here are the directions for this using Pantene Oil Replacement:

  1. Rub a walnut size of Pantene Oil Replacement between the palm of your hands
  2. Starting from the top, distribute it evenly through your hair along the length. No need to rinse. Style your hair as usual and you are ready to go!

I would definitely recommend you guys to try this product once until you fall in love with it!

It is priced at only INR 150! So go and give it a try.

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BodyHerbals Skincare Beauty Products Review

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Hope you all are having an amazing time !

Winters are almost here and I am all set with my winter skincare routine. I have been using foot-care range of BodyHerbals since a year now and I am digging it insanely. It’s been a while that I have started using their other skincare products which I am gonna review in my today’s blog.

BodyHerbals Almond Coconut Body Butter, Intense Hydration & Nourishment (200gms)

This body butter is a complete treat for your skin as it is infused with the goodness of almonds, shea butter and coconut. Most of us must be aware that Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E which helps to fight off free radicals and hence keep the skin youthful and glowing. Shea butter works as a great moisturizer and a healer for the skin as it helps to keep off freckles, blemishes, sunburns, allergies and many other skin related problems.
Coconut too has several properties while one of which is hydration. This body butter surely does justice to dry skin as it helps in preserving the skin and nourish it from deep within while keeping the natural oils intact. It further helps in lightening the skin tone. When I say lightening the skin tone, it means to gain back our natural glowing complexion that is tan free!

This body butter is priced at INR 599/-

BodyHerbals Skin Brightening Face Pack, 100% Natural Honey Orange Almond (100g)

This amazing face pack is infused with the essence of oranges, almonds and honey. Oranges are a rich source of vitamin C which helps in skin lightening and keeping blemishes at bay. We have already discussed the properties of Almonds that they are a rich source of vitamin E which helps in fighting free radicals and achieve a youthful skin. Whereas Honey being an antibacterial agent helps in keeping off skin infections and warding off acne. This face pack not only does include this but also the excellence of Aloe Vera and Sea buckthorn that will help to keep your skin healthy and Glowy. Sea buckthorn is commonly known as Seaberry, which is a fruit that helps in protecting against skin burns, rashes and other skin problems. This fruit also slows down the aging process by nourishing the skin from deep within.

All in all, this facepack does give a spark to your skin when applied for 20-30 mins.

This one is priced at INR 375/-

BodyHerbals 1 minute pedicure, Foot Scrub Tea Tree oil, lemon oil & vitamin B3 (100 gms) 

I am literally a fan of foot scrubs from BodyHerbals! I usually don’t go for regular pedicure sessions at salons but prefer doing it at home by myself.

So yeah, starting with the amazingness of this foot scrub, this one is infused with the essence of lemon oil, tea tree oil and vitamin B3. Lemon is being used since ages considering its skin lightening and cleansing properties which helps in clearing skin blemishes and brightening the skin tone. Tea tree oil has various anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which helps in fighting off skin infections. Vitamin B3 caters on hydrating and nourishing the skin.
The granular concoction in this scrub helps in removing the tough dead foot skin so to achieve a softer and smoother version of your natural skin.

 This foot scrub is priced at INR 350/-

Also you guys can read my review on BodyHerbals foot-care range Here

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SUGAR’s Matte As Hell Crayon Lipsticks – 3 New Bold Lipshades Review & Swatches

Sugar Cosmetics latest launch of Matte As Hell Crayon Lipsticks in 3 New Bold shades is winning hearts of many lipsticks lovers like me. These 3 shades are namely 12 Baby Houseman (Deep Pink), 13 Murphy Brown (Chocolate Burgundy) and 14 Violet Crawley (Smokey Violet). These are super pigmented and are non transfer proof. It lasts for 8 to 9 hours without a second application. I cannot express the love I have for Sugar Cosmetics and how much I am drooling over these bold lip-shades.

These costs for Rs. 799/- only

You can buy these Lippies Here

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SUGAR’s Plush Hour Matte Lipsticks – 6 New Shades Review & Swatches

Hey Guys,

Firstly, I want to wish you all a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali!!

Also I have a great news for all you lipstick lovers that Sugar Cosmetics is back with a bang with the newly launched Plush Hour Matte Lipsticks. These lipsticks are highly pigmented which not only gives a rich and intense color to the lips but keeping them soft and supple at the same time. The shades are indeed incredible and also paraben free.

Following are the amazing shades and swatches, have a look below : 01 Cherry Jane (Cool toned red), 02 Teaker Bell (Brown Burgundy), 03 Minnie Mauve (Rose Mauve), 04 Powerbuff Girls (Muted Reddish Brown), 05 Berry Boop (Deep Berry), 06 Little Bo Peach (Soft Peach)

01 Cherry Jane (Cool toned red)

02 Teaker Bell (Brown Burgundy)

03 Minnie Mauve (Rose Mauve)

04 Powerbuff Girls (Muted Reddish Brown)

05 Berry Boop (Deep Berry)

06 Little Bo Peach (Soft Peach)

These are priced at only Rs. 499/-

Buy Here : Sugarcosmetics.com

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SUGAR’S Never Say Dry Creme Lipsticks – New 5 Shades Review

Hey Guys,

Sugar Cosmetics has recently launched Never Say Dry Creme Lipsticks range and I am absolutely flipping over them. They have come up with 5 exclusive shades namely – 01 Subtle Island (Muted Brownish Pink), 02 Dial M For Magenta (Deep Magenta Purple), 03 The Brown Ultimatum (Nude Brown), 04 Revolutionary Rose (Rose Pink) and 05 Berry Maguire (Deep Berry Red).

These lipsticks are highly pigmented and hydrating. Unlike glossy lipsticks, these lipsticks are not running on the lips in fact they have a proportional amount of creme which not only keep the lips soft and supple but also enhances the overall look.

01 Subtle Island (Muted Brownish Pink)

02 Dial M For Magenta (Deep Magenta Purple)

03 The Brown Ultimatum (Nude Brown)

04 Revolutionary Rose (Rose Pink)

This particular shade is my favourite shade as it goes with my complexion pretty well.

05 Berry Maguire (Deep Berry Red)

Swatches of all Lipshades

These are priced at only Rs. 499/-

Buy Here : Sugarcosmetics.com

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SUGAR’s Tip Tac Toe Metallic Nail Lacquers – New 6 Shades

Sugar Cosmetics is all accelerated with the launch of their beautiful collection of metallic nail paints that look promising. They have come up with 6 unique shades namely – 039 – Bold As Brass (Metallic Brass), 040 – Rust For The Record (Metallic Copper), 041 – Amethyst Actress (Metallic Purple), 042 – Rock And Rose (Metallic Rose Gold), 043 – Deep Down Diopside (Metallic Emerald Green) and 044 – Sapphire Straits (Metallic Blue).

Metallic Brass is one of my favourite. This particular shade is extremely elegant. In an everyday life, elegance speaks for itself. It suggests sophistication, taste and refinement. It is an unquestioned value of immediate appeal and in no need for argument.

040 – Rust For The Record (Metallic Copper)

041 – Amethyst Actress (Metallic Purple)

042 – Rock And Rose (Metallic Rose Gold)

043 – Deep Down Diopside (Metallic Emerald Green)

044 – Sapphire Straits (Metallic Blue)

It was intriguing and tantalizingly charming to witness the magic these nail paints behold. It does not flow too much and a single coat will suffice to render an eminent and a first-rate finish to your nails.

These are priced at only Rs. 299.

Buy Here : Sugarcosmetics.com

Get. Set. Go. And buy this superlative collection.

Cover It Up!

I like light, colour, luminosity. I like things full of colours and vibrant.

Heraldry appeals to me as well as the tinctures they encompass. I like to think that my belongings, my clothes and everything I own is an armorial bearing in its own sense.

Cover It Up, is one such stop that has always appealed to me in a certain way. Eccentricity comes naturally. Being outlandish follows suite. I adore how it helps in covering my mobile phones with some quirky and vibrant phone covers. I recently purchased two new covers along with matching T-shirts.

Cover It Up is an online store which offers varied options ranging from phone cases, mugs, laptop sleeves, t-shirts and many more. If you are kicky enough and a genuine cosmopolitan, you can even design your stuff the way you want. Tell me that doesn’t sound cool.

The existing collection really fascinated me and it was tantalizingly awesome. I chose Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva T-shirts and phone cover.

Goddess Durga is a symbol of Supreme Woman Power, and Lord Shiva symbolises Meditation, Maintenance and Destruction of world. I chose these two patterns and do share an endearment with them.

In my first look I have opted for the Goddess Durga T-shirt and clubbed it with a tucked in black pleated skirt. I have tied my hair in a half up-do which goes pretty well with the attire. I chose for a same pattern phone case which makes my whole look pretty distinct and decisive.

In my second look I have opted for Lord Shiva pattern and clubbed it  with culottes. I have let my hair open which gives a modest yet beautiful look easily.

Until Next, Much love