#DaburNewUTurns10 | A MINI HAUL REVIEW

Hi loves,

NewU has successfully completed 10 years. Such an achievement, in the present world, enduring the unbridled spread of social networking and critical dogmas, is extremely praiseworthy. I personally love their amazing products. They have recently added more products in their arsenal, offering beauty solutions at a reasonable rate.

I received a few amazing products from them, which are very special to me.


I personally love body mists more than perfumes. They are much lighter and do not give an impression of bathing in supremely scented perfumes.

The body mists I received have a soft floral fragrance, that envelopes an unassailable freshness right from the very first application. Into the bargain, it is mild on the skin and apt for all skin types as it is an infusion of skin friendly ingredients.

The passion, the jauntiness, and the exuberance of us vivacious women is surely complemented by this wonderful product. It will cosset the inner goddess inside you and prone to make you more confident than ever.

These Body mists are priced at Rs. 399/- each


I love the application of repairing face masks. My facial skin has to endure the harsh sunlight, dust and pollution. Conclusively, my skin renders a bleakness that is extremely dismal. I reserve the usage of face masks specifically for such days. I just adore that particular time. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let the face mask swish its magic wand towards glowing skin.


Rose Mask is perfect for my skin, as it is oily and prone to acne, which leads to several other skin problems.

I was able to reap out the most beneficial characteristics of the face mask through thorough application. It has various beauty benefits. Acting as an anti-bacterial it helps to fight against stubborn acne. Being an anti inflammatory agent and an anti oxidant it fights the unending battle against various skin problems. Also being a natural moisturiser, it helps to rejuvenate the skin towards more glabrous quotients and also achieve an indelible glow.


Tea Tree mask worked wonders on my skin. Tea Tree has long been known to house an array of antibacterial agents which helps fight acne, remove excess oil, fight against skin infections, heal blemishes and scars and act as a natural toner. An example of a perfect, one stop solution to all the skin problems.

All these properties provide an aid to oily skin and help to achieve glabrous and gleaming skin.

These face masks are priced at Rs. 100/- each


New U has also added Jaquline USA in their kitty. Jaquline USA offers a wide array of nail care products which are effective and pocket friendly.


My hands need to stay beautiful and awe-inspiring all the same. I am extremely diligent, and dive deep into painstaking efforts to ensure that they stay lovely. I tried my hand at nail enamels, one in a cool purple shade and another one in a deep red shade. Each coat renders a stunning look, and an indelible finishing that stamps a neatness quotient to my nails.

The price is pretty affordable too. At Rs 199, it is a bargain.


I had heard about nail hardening products, and was amazed to the results it brought out on my nails. I feel this product is tailor made for me.
I sometimes suffer from a little brittleness in my nails. Conclusively, this leaves them dull and without sheen. Further, it thwarts any natural nail growth.

This product imparts an amazing shine on my nails. Enriched with vitamins, it works to remove the brittleness. My nails are better at retaining nail paint, have an increased hardness, look gorgeous and have a whole new life instilled into them.

Priced at Rs. 249/-


This nail paint remover is a gift for your gentle nails. Surprisingly, it is free of acetone. Infused with the goodness of jojoba oil, it prevents your nails from drying out and instead keeps it soft. It helps in removing the nail paint quickly and leave your hands with a floral fragrance.


I have never used ridge fillers before. I have to say, it was extremely disconcerting to my brain, to actually witness the magical results I got.

Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, it surely does justice to your nails. It fills in nail ridges and binds the keratin cells together to present better nails. All in all, it works as an amazing primer to weak and lifeless nails.

Priced at Rs. 249/-

Until next, xoxo


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