Spread your arms to the overindulgement waiting at Neu Salonz

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s post is going to articulate my indelible experience at NEU Salonz at South Point Mall, Gurugram. I received an Aromatic Therapy Session, that proved to be one of the most amazing experiences I underwent. It was a very special, a very satisfying and a very gratifying Dear Diary moment.

Recently, Loreal Paris launched their aroma therapy skincare range by the name of Decleor in India. I had been invited for the same to experience the wonders that lay in store for me. Aromatic Therapy agreed immensely with me and I emerged a new, more gorgeous and a more confident Aakshi Kashyap to lose your heart to.

About Decleor

Decleor has been in the world for almost 40 years. I firmly believe the principles of Decleor, how it has always understood that, beyond cosmetic results, women are seeking comfort and well-being.
From the very beginning, Decleor has created marvelling and effective ingredients from the world of nature and the brand’s accumulated expertise in essences has hoisted it to a leading position in the field of aromatherapy. DECLÉOR blends its essential oils with assiduous precision to provide a tailored response to each of the skin’s specific needs.

Each treatment is designed to visibly improve the skin’s radiance while at the same time creating a unique sensory experience. This explains why DECLÉOR is a brand trusted by the best beauty professionals. Their expert hands stimulate the senses and care for the skin using natural and exclusively manual techniques.

The amazing experience at Neu Salonz


First up, I was in awe of the salon the moment I stepped in it. The beauticians and the hair stylists, altogether were some of the most impressive people I had the honour of meeting. The place was wonderfully ecstatic, the beauticians and stylists were thorough professionals and the ambience and environment exuded an aura of assurance, that only spoke only these words – Trust us. You are in great hands.

Aromatic Facial Cleansing

After a thorough examination of my skin by Ms. Meenakshi, I was suggested a Hydra Flora Facial. The hydra flora facial is best for normal to oily skin types. My facial skin had lately faced harshness of the sun and pollution. I had developed bit of a tan and my facial skin was verging on being dull. Also at this age, I often have breakouts. Conclusively, this facial was justified for me.


The following steps were involved in the facial –

1. Cleansing – A thorough cleansing of my face, helped it to remove all the oil, sunscreen and the pollutants that were so notoriously attached to my face. Also, an unclogging of pores was associated with a reduction in developing breakouts. Finally, cleansing also helped to absorb all the subsequent products that were to grace my skin.

2. Scrubbing – Exfoliation was necessary for my skin. I have a little sensitive skin, so the exfoliation regime was carried out with very tender hands. My skin has always been prone to an outbreak of redness as a result it needed very steady hands.

3. Massage – I was given an amazing aromatic welcome. I could sense my tensions fade away when the aromas and smells of the massage oil hit me with a high note on my olfactory senses. An amazing massaging experience greeted me after being pampered extensively by the scrubbing routine. I received a wonderful back massage and an equally enthralling facial massage. The massage was simply amazing. The wonders of the aromatic essential oils enveloped me completely and I was overwhelmed. All of a sudden my problems and pains were vanishing, it was completely serene, it was seemingly closer to meditation. I felt revitalised and rejuvenated after the massage.

4. Face Mask – The final step of the amazing experience was the application of the aromatic face mask. Face masks, are the final steps to an amazing facial routine because of a reason. Once the face is free of oil and the pores are unclogged, a subtle mask is applied and left on the face until dry. This mask dives deep into the epidermal skin layer and interacts with the skin deep and deep cleans it.

5. Moisturising – The facial was rendered complete by a thorough moisturising of my facial skin. The useful oils and hydration balance was restored to my skin, and my face looked fresh as new.

After the facial I was in another trance. My facial skin felt more amazing than ever, it was more lithe. more supple and much more glabrous than ever. I really loved the whole experience and also the amazing service done by Ms. Meenakshi.

Hair Colour and Styling

Lately, I had an eccentric idea of getting my hair coloured. Though I was seemingly vehement about getting a new hair colour, I was gullible of the damage it could do.

On my visit to Decleor, the professionals there were empathetic to my situation, and guaranteed that I was in excellent hands.

First, I received a haircut, although I did not want my hair length to get shorter. The professionals assured me that to bring out the amazing vividness of the colour, it was necessary. This was followed by a thorough hair wash, that helped clean the dirt and oil out of my hair and rejuvenate it from the roots to the ends. Finally, only the application of hair colour was left. Mr. Dheeraj, the guy who coloured my hair was a thorough professional and his method of giving my hair a colourful makeover of three different tinctures was very amazing.

The inception of the application of hair colour was set, after the hair wash. I loved the aromas that were enveloping me while the shampoo was being applied. Finally, I settled for a brownish tinge on my hair. The hair stylist suggested me an alternative and showed me how a dash of blonde and a spike of ochre could be mixed with the hair.

The end result was deeply satisfying. I felt awesomely satiated after I saw the hair colour come out extremely nice, accentuating my wonderful tresses and fit along nicely with my persona.

DECLÉOR Aromessence White Brightening Serum

I received this amazing product and I totally adore it.

Specially formulated for the daily care of dull skin and areas of pigmentation, this 100% natural and active silky serum with an uplifting scent boosts the effects of DECLÉOR’s intensive Aroma White C+ range. DECLÉOR Aromessence White Brightening Serum contains the Essential Oils of Parsley to lighten pigment spots, Lemon to brighten the skin and reduce blemishes, Roman Chamomile to calm and enhance the skin’s natural defences, Acacia to leave skin smooth and more radiant and Wheat Germ to stimulate cell renewal.

My dark spots are visibly reduced and a more luminous, even and transparent complexion is restored. I use it daily after a invigorating face wash.

All in all, my wonderful experience at NEU Salonz was tiring. Although the tiredness vanished away instantly, upon seeing the ultimate results.

Ladies, I would definitely recommend you to find some time out of your schedule and pay a visit to the amazing salon. I promise, you would return with a wide smile, with oodles of happiness and an experience you won’t ever forget.

Until next peeps. XOXO!


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