Wikka Sun Protect Suncreen & Jasmine Body Freshener | Review 


Coco Chanel has always been my idol when it comes to caring about yourself and sparkling through the apparent darkness. Her quotes have always motivated me, galvanizing me towards being tough outside as well as inside. When it comes to making big in the world, everything ceases to agree with you seamlessly. Incoherence is the definition of life. It’s the drive, the burning oil and the passion to continue what separates us strong women from the rest.

My drive and my hunger to make it big in life always stays in agreement with how I look, how well I am doing and how elite and legendary my blog posts are.

Often times, I have to try really hard to keep my skin perfect and flawless. I toil hard to look good and I aim to always flourish the thematic elements of my literary work to render blog posts that are downright immaculate.

The one wondrous thing that recently happened in my life was me getting these stupendous and crackerjack products from Wikka. What they promise is definitely what I got. There are actual magical constituents in their products. I am truly, literally and figuratively spellbound by their magic. My powwow with their concept of Aromatherapy to induce benefits to skin, body and soul has truly impressed me.

Sun Protect with Green Tea Extracts SPF30+

I just love SPF30 sunscreens. However, this one in particular complete with the extracts of Green Tea and having the strength of the essential oils of Chamomile German, Lavender and Germanium is simply stunning.

While helping in eradicating the production of free radicals linked with overexposure of skin to sun, and also reducing inflammation, Wheat Germ Oil, in cooperation with Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Carrot Seed Oil, add subtle qualities towards the efficacy of this product. Vitamin E has marvelling skin care attributes that help counter the effects of ageing, acts as a moisturiser and treats skin for any sign of rashes and blemishes. Carrot Seed Oil doubles up as a skin antiseptic and provides me the strength to step out in the sun freely without worrying about the sun. I can travel freely in the sun too. Lavender and Germanium help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Price : Rs. 1500

I can very well confirm that this is the most amazing and satisfying sunscreen I have ever used. It is truly jaw-dropping, inculcating an unsullied glow and radiance on my skin. I cannot simply search for a term of endearment for this awesome product.

Jasmine Body Freshener

Jasmine is an extremely amazing flower. It has the most amazing and alluring fragrance. The aroma of Jasmine has pleasing feeling, and helps to crane the mind and also actively fights depression. I always am in a poetic and romantic mood as soon as the aroma of Jasmine consumes me wholly. While exercising and running truly can boost serotonin production in the brain, Jasmine also has a catalysing effect in it’s production.

I have never used this product in vain. Be it the daytime or the night time, regular use of this body freshener has always been helpful. My skin loves being mollycoddled by its touch. A radiant, indelible glow accompanies my face and skin after its use. My skin is more glabrous and more beautiful. At times when I am stressed and the working hours take an immense toll on me, I crave for a long, restful and an undisturbed sleep. Use of this little magic potion with my night cream works wonders. I fall asleep instantly, inhaling the aromatic love it envelops me with.

Price : Rs. 900

Until next, xoxo


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