I just love colours during summers. They appear bright and are so appealing towards making you feel awesome the whole day. I got my hands on some designer, vivid and ethnic pieces from India Circus

India circus offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and reasonable style additions for various areas of your life, spanning a wide expanse from your home decor to your personal accessories. The decors are vibrant, the accessories more so adding towards a modern woman’s vivacity.

I got these cute and colourful cushion covers. And how amazingly have they fraternised with the belongings at my home. They have contributed extensively towards my room looking much more bright. The illustrations on the cover are eclectic enough to never bore you or make it monotonous over time. They are vibrant, colourful and after a long tiring day you just want to flop your head on them and doze off.

Neck pillows are amazing during travels. Often times I visit remote and outlandish locations during weekends for photo shoots. This particular neck pillow has been my best friend towards not making my neck stiff during travels. The vibrant and dynamic colours in it make it stand out from the rest of the dull pillows. It’s comfortable as well, the cushioning impact is not too hard nor too soft, making it perfect to rest my neck.

Medieval Times Small Steel Tumbler

I love mugs and tumblers. I always pride on my collection of some beautiful multifaceted mugs and tumblers. It comes as no surprise that I love this tumbler I got from India Circus. It adds value to my table, be it in the office or my home. Every morning, I feel like it calls to me, asking to be filled with a steaming cup of tea or coffee. Further, it also adds diversity to my collection.

Strokes of India Jhola Bag

Bags!! Any lady who doesn’t love bags is kidding herself. The bag I am sporting in this look, is an excellent commodity indeed. It goes perfectly with any casual look I sport. The colours are contrasting and the elements of vibrancy aid towards making the total appeal of my look a notch higher. It is spacious and it can carry a book or two as well. It is always worth mentioning that it is sturdy too, doesn’t cut into shoulders as the strap isn’t too narrow and is comfortable.

Until next, xoxo

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Hola, fellas! I am Aakshi kashyap, founder of ‘Buttercup Shinytail’. My fashion blog ‘Buttercup Shinytail’ will be highlighting most things I put together which anyone can try on a budget or within their own closet. I have an appetite to inspire people to look, feel and present their best in the most accessible way possible. I hope to galvanize someone to step outside their every day thought process in fashion, but not outside their budget or comfort zone. Thanks for visiting

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