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Elegance is a statement, an attitude. Elegant women are a women of character with confidence

Elie Saab, with his words perfectly captures the sense, the intuition and the prospective thinking of every woman who strives to look ravishing, classy and dazzling everyday. Whoever said that a girl’s closet is never full was a very intellectual and above all an extremely empathetic person indeed. The words are prototypical, aren’t they? Every time I open my wardrobe, only one particular feeling strikes my mind. I have nothing to wear!

I am a fashion blogger. This goes without saying but I love staying cognisant with everything in vogue. Above all, I pride on my fashion sense being eccentric. Be it the different types of attires, the most idiosyncratic fashion sense or accessories with a symbol of uniqueness. Further, I am a conservative individual too. Even after being a shopaholic, I refrain from being profligate and reckless. I spend my money smartly. I work smartly. I utilise my time smartly and manage to rock it. Everytime!! That’s being smart for you. 

Also, being a fashion blogger, I need to have access to a plethora of clothing items to choose the best from. I need dresses for my blog posts, photo sessions and also for stepping in various events. At times, I need to rock the traditional attire for family occasions as well.

This raises the question of how one can be eccentric in fashion sense, mange being a shopaholic, raise the graph of looking ravishing while simultaneously be conservative, and conduct oneself in an efficient manner concerning management of resources. Count on your fingers how many attributes need to be juggled! 😀

Rentitbae is one such establishment that goes in tandem with my plans. It offers the classiest dresses, ranging from everyday wear to traditional attires complete with designer outfits as well. I chose the plan that was most suitable to me. At only Rs. 3999 I am able to rent unlimited dresses, accessories and designer wear. At Rentitbae I am able to select from a wonderful range of suits, sarees, lehngas, indo western and much more. Supplementing these looks is also an array of exciting add-on products like jewellery, watches, sunglasses. The order process is quite hassle free and quick which really impressed me.

All in all, I love it immensely. Something that harmonises with me and my plans is evident enough to be appreciable.

Below are the looks I created!!

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

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Hola, fellas! I am Aakshi kashyap, founder of ‘Buttercup Shinytail’. My fashion blog ‘Buttercup Shinytail’ will be highlighting most things I put together which anyone can try on a budget or within their own closet. I have an appetite to inspire people to look, feel and present their best in the most accessible way possible. I hope to galvanize someone to step outside their every day thought process in fashion, but not outside their budget or comfort zone. Thanks for visiting

One thought on “Rent It Bae | A Unique Online Premium Rental Service Provider”

  1. Hola!!!

    I loved it….Every look is looking amazing….I want to try some of it….And the price which you have mentioned it sounds reasonable….I will definitely follow RentItBae😃


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