Kivaplus : Aloe vera & Lemon Honey Cinnamon Shots Review

Here’s the deal. There’s no diet that will do what eating and drinking healthy does. You want to look ravishing and slay everyday, you need to eat healthy.

I came across these wondrous daily shots by Kivaplus . Imbibing these in my balanced diet has given me amazing benefits right from the onset. Better health, better digestion means I extract more nutrients from my food. More stamina and more workout strength make me toil even harder while exercising. Ultimately, the endorphins flow all around and I feel elated and stay happy. Cheers to life!


Amla is a wonder fruit. High concentrations of Vitamin C. More than an orange. Even higher concentrations of antioxidants and polyphenols than Red Wine! Respiratory conditions and immunity problems dusted. Shatavari, literally translating into a “curer of hundred diseases”. Strengthens the digestive tract, and boosts immunity. Licorice has numerous conciliatory and calming effects. Truly it lives up to it’s after being categorised as an emollient. Lemon is used to treat all sorts of problems such as indigestion, coughs and colds. It has an added benefit of making your skin shine its natural colour.

This particular drink has the goodness of Amla, Shatavari, Licorice and Lemon. Each ingredient has been proven to fight your war against all sorts of problems that emerge in your body. Chest infections, colds, breathing problems and asthmatic problems, as well as stress won’t touch your ever. Talk about boost in immunity, better digestion and increased energy to make you stay alert and active throughout the day.


This Lemon, Honey and Cinnamon drink is truly an amazing preparation. Pectins in lemon keeps cravings at bay by making you feel fuller longer. A healthy breakfast and a shot of this drink will keep you full till your lunch. No need to snack in between. Together with Honey, it creates an alkaline environment aiding towards better fat metabolism. Further, Cinnamon regulates cholesterol and blood sugar.

Lemon again has an unending list of amazing benefits. Uprooting indigestion, coughs, colds, skin problems and fatigue. 

Honey is nature’s ointment. Extremely easy on the stomach, light and amazingly beneficial. There’s a reason it is recommended to have honey with warm water everyday. Adding to it’s capabilities are increasing haemoglobin production, burning flab and resisting ageing. 

Each shot is priced at only Rs. 20/-

All in all these daily shots, when coupled with a balanced diet, are sure to lead you to a healthy lifestyle, keep you stress free and composed. Everything you need to stay pretty perfect, ravishing and keep rocking always.

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Until next time XOXO


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