Globox | Unboxing & Review 

Hola lovelies, I am so excited to share my very first experience of globox with you guys.

About Globox

As we all have seen a great rise in startups that are curating different sort of boxes indulging in various products relating to beauty, health & fashion, at very economic prices and we all cannot resist to buy it, finding it more admirable and affordable. But all those boxes don’t always contain what we are looking for. Often times we get disheartened seeing products that we rarely want and will barely use. But Globox is different and it caters to what we are exactly looking for! It is curated in such a great way that it helps one to keep their skin and body healthy in the simplest way, which is just a click away. Globox is a monthly box subscription which consists of products from different brands which best suits your skin while keeping a check on your pocket.

You basically need to create your beauty profile on and leave the rest to them. They have a separate team to take care of your profile which starts from choosing the product that suits you best and gives suggestions which will definitely beautify your skin and keep your beauty regime up to date.

I received 5 of the amazing products that I was actually looking for, as my body lotion and hair smoothening serum were running short and my recent wish list was to get my hands on a coral or orangish lipshade. I had the most perfect box!


1.  Matrix Hair Serum

2. Oriflame Body Lotion

3. Lemon Tusli Green Tea from Tea Treasure

4. Shuddhi Saffron and sandal handmade soap

5. Orange lipshade from I love Makeup

Matrix Hair Serum

I have tried this Matrix Biolace Hair serum which is actually working good on my hair. This deep smoothening serum is infused with the goodness of avocados, grape seed oil and frizz taming polymers. This one is oil based and helps to keep your mane in place without any frizz and ultimately smoothen it. The essential elements present in it nourishes your hair from root to tip and brings in the required sheen. The one thing I liked is that it’s pretty light on the hair that looks bouncy and shiny.

Oriflame Body Lotion

This body lotion from Oriflame is suitable for all skin types and is perfect for summers because of its flowy consistency. This one is made up of lightening components and vitamin e which will help brighten up skin tone gradually. This was pretty light on my skin and gave a silky smooth feel to my skin.

Lemon Tusli Green Tea from Tea Treasure

This is one of the finest green teas I have ever had. Besides its anti-bacterial, anti – septic, anti-viral, anti-flu , anti-biotic and anti-disease properties, this lemon green tastes amazing !!

Ingredients:  Lemon Tulsi, Lemongrass

Shuddhi Saffron and sandal handmade soap

This handmade soap is made up with some organic ingredients like saffron and sandal wood that helps to beautify your skin by keeping intact the moisture level and keeping it smooth. Its fragrance is pretty subtle and kept me afresh with its aroma. I would definitely give a nod to try this one as your body can enjoy a herbal treat with a quite an economic price.

I love Makeup – Lipstick

This lipstick has a pretty bright orange tint that stays on lips for 8 hours (acc. my personal experience). It is super matte in texture and made my lips a bit dry.

Website :

Instagram : @Globoxindia

Until next time,

xo Aakshi


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