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Hello Lovelies,

Today I’m gonna introduce y’ll to a premium range of perfumes from the brand Neesh. Neesh is one of the flourishing brands in the world when it comes to discover some unique and magical fragrances.

Neesh offers portable perfumes, which are basically pocket friendly and easy to carry anywhere and anytime. I am very much adoring their marvellous fragrances which are varied in three ranges say mild, medium and strong. All the perfumes are attar based and will purely give you the feel of Indian heritage. Each and every fragrance is built with natural ingredients and will linger around for almost 8-9 hours and keep you off from its application again n again.

 Attar – E – Ishq

I found this one as a very refreshing and moderate fragrance which is neither strong nor mild but a moderate one. It has a fresh and serene fragrance that would be perfect when meeting your loved one.

It has a base note of sweet vanilla and a top note of nutmeg, bakhoor and cedarwood.

Amour De Oud

This fragrance the mildest of all and pretty soothing. It’s application is perfect for every day wear which is quite light.

It has a base note of Musk,White Amber, middle note of Honey Rose, Gardenia , White Jasmine and Top Note of French Rose, White Lily, Mimosa.

Zaafran E Hindustan

This one is also a little strong fragrance that caught my senses because of its unique and organic fragrance.

Essential ingredients like musk, dark rose, pink rose and Iran saffron has really made this fragrance truly fascinating.


I found this one the strongest of all and preferably for those who like strong fragrances. It’s application would be perfect for night party.

It has a base note of Agarwood , Amber, middle note of Castoreum and top note of   Indian Saffron, Tea Rose.

Oud E Khaas

This one is my favourite one as the fragrance is sweet and fruity which refreshed my soul. Its application is perfect for each time.

It has a base note of  Agarwood, Patchouly Agarwood, Musk, middle note of Agarwood, Patchouly and top note of Sharp Sweet Wood with Indian Saffron.

You guys must go and explore their magical fragrances until you fall in love with them. I would strongly recommend everyone to get their hands on Neesh perfumes right now and thank me later (haha).

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