Elixir Stevia Review

People nowadays consume an excessive amount of sugar for their own good. Excessive consumption of sugar has been connected to diabetes, obesity, and different health issues. Every once in an exceedingly whereas, science involves the rescue with the introduction of a brand new zero-calorie sweetener meant to exchange sugar and its gratuitous calories. Stevia Elixir is one such sterling brand that have come up with all advanced and innovative natural products that work as natural organic sweetener.

With this changing weather I also thought of changing or rather adopting a healthy lifestyle by adding some essentials in my diet. So here I come with the inclusion of Elixir Stevia. Below are the samples of their products which I received a few weeks back. These included :

Elixir Stevia Sachet Box (White Powder)

Elixir Stevia Liquid Extract

Elixir Stevia Whole Green Leaf

Elixir Stevia Sachet Box (White Powder)

 Elixir Stevia sachet is made from the sweetest part of the Stevia leaf. It works as a great sweetener which is much more sweeter than the actual sugar but with zero calories, zero carbs and zero glucose. Apart from it’s sweetening property, it is made up of essential elements which helps you to keep healthy and fit without causing any harm to your body.

Why should Elixir Stevia Sachet should be switched with sugar ?

100% All natural Product

Natural replacement for sugar

No Glucose, Calories or Carbohydrates

Aids Weight Management

Helps Protect your Teeth & Gums

Price : Rs 169

Elixir Stevia Liquid Extract

 Elixir Stevia liquid too works as a great sweetener which can be used in many of your preparations. You can make use of it by adding in your daily diet be it tea or any drink which will bring out the same sweetness but save you from adding any extra calories in your diet.

Benefits :

Reduces Wrinkles & Fine lines

Helps Protect your Teeth & Gums

Price : Rs 229

Elixir Stevia Whole Green Leaves

Elixir Stevia Green Leaves are extracted from the most essential and sweetest plant i.e, Stevia. This one is far more sweeter than actual sugar with some added benefits which will make your lifestyle more easy going. This one can be used for many of your preparations be it tea or any sort of drink like coffee, lemonade etc which will bring out the same sweetness but without any calories. This too has certain properties which will keep the diabetes in control, controls high blood pressure, reduces heart burn, indigestion and much more.

Benefits :

Safe for use by Diabetes patients.

High in Antioxidants

Pure Premium Grade Stevia

Price : Rs 199 for 100 gms

Read more about Elixir Stevia Whole Green Leaf Here

Would I Purchase it ? Yes

You guys can find their products on Amazon.in


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