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Hola People,

Hope y’ll are having a great time. So from many days I have been looking for some cool stuff for my room which won’t occupy much space but at the same time give altogether a new dimension to it, but the scorching heat wasn’t allowing me to step out and there you go, I got these amazing and unique miniatures (DIY Kit) from the online store SkyGoodies.

About SkyGoodies

SkyGoodies is an online store that has an accumulation of various sorts of very beautiful & useful miniatures (DIY Kits) which not only enhance the beauty of your place (be it your work place or your room ) but also acts as a holder of your itsy bitsy stuff which keeps lying here and there as you can hardly find a suitable holder of that dimension. They also have a variety of paper Giftables, Handmade gifts, Boxes, Favors, Invites & Planners in printed and printable forms.

I got really excited to explore what all was there as it looked quite appealing. But wait, it isn’t that easy either to make the perfect cut outs as you have to closely look into the detailing to achieve that perfect one. But SkyGoodies offers quite lot of beautiful options if you are looking for sleek but attractive miniatures, this has to be the perfect pick for you .

So let me show you what all I received from SkyGoodies :

  1. Star Mini Notebook
  2. Typewriter Calendar
  3. Bombay Auto Rickshaw Box
  4. Mini Gramophone
  5. Box Suitcase Box

If you’re looking to make a place for your collectables (precisely the itsy bitsy stuff) you can definitely grab few of them made up in fun style like that of an auto-rickshaw, gramophone which does remind you of your childhood days. And I am totally in awe of this very cute typewriter (look below) as this can be your calendar which will definitely catch everyone’s eye. Above that you can also grab few stylish and cute frames and boxes which will be a perfect option for gifting your loved ones and will always be remembered by them.

Typewriter Calendar

Bombay Auto Rickshaw Box

Mini Gramophone Box

Suitcase Box

Would recommend you to a have a look at their online store which won’t let your expectations down.

Visit their Online Store now !! Link : Here


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