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Hola todos,
Today I am in no mood to jump out of my bed in this so very lazy & hot weather but unlike my mood I am pretty excited to share my style statement with you guys.

Before I start with today’s blog I want to make known you guys about an amazing Online store that customizes heels according to your choice and comfort! Be it the size, material, design, color or even the size of heels you want, they can alter anything and everything as per your wish. So let me introduce you guys to this Fabulous Store by the name of Talons D’or.

Can’t find exactly what you want ? Then Talons D’or is the perfect choice for you.

My Experience :

To be honest, the shoes (wedges) I am featuring in this blog are the ones I wanted since so long but could not find the perfect one. I saw these kind of wedges wore by a lot of people on Instagram and in real, but then I wanted my shoes to be somewhat different and unique out of the rest! That’s when I thought of customizing my pair from Talons D’or.  Not only I enjoyed designing my kind of heels on their website but also remembered those childhood days when I use to play games online, design stuff and style Barbie. (You guys got to visit their online store, it’s amazing)

 About my Look :

For this summery season here I come up with a style statement which is pretty easy to carry and would give you an edge from your normal attire. I am wearing a purple color Slit Top which looks pretty soothing. What really impressed me was this slit till my midriff which also gives an edgy look. I have clubbed it with black jeggings and my favourite heels that balances the sexy and cool look perfectly. My hairstyle is rather than the regular one as you guys can look in the below images (I really don’t know what this hairstyle is known as and didn’t even bother to search Google about the same) 😀


All about my shoes !

As I told you my heels are custom made from Talons D’or, Here is a bit of the designing info I have chosen. For the material I have opted for genuine leather in Brown color with the heel of 3 inches. Generally I wear a size of UK 38 which is (24 cms) but my foot length is 23.7 cms (to be exact), I told my preferences by putting a note on their website while choosing the size and I have received the exact size which I wanted! These heels are really comfortable as they fit in so perfectly without causing any discomfort to my feet. Besides being comfortable, these are absolutely stunning which will make you crave for more and more (only if you own one).

Own your Heels here

Much Love to all ❤


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