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Hello my lovelies,

So how is the week treating you all ? Mine is so damn hectic as I am clocked up with hell lot of work (My Job) and even my exams are approaching, so gotta study too !! Bit upset after watching India loose in Semi Finals, but Virat Kohli still took all the eyes!(He is ummm *all heart emojis*)

So lets start with today’s review. As you all know I am crushing over natural and organic products since months now and recently got a chance to I try some more awesome sauce organic products from Fuschia by Vkare.

Fuschia Choco Butter (Lip Balm)

This lip balm is chocolate flavoured which did attract me to a great level (big chocolate lover). It is pretty thick as a little quantity will suffice and keep your lips soft and supple for a long time. It is free from any sort of chemicals which saves you from any damage to your skin(by skin I mean Lips).

Fuschia Tea Rose Soap

This handmade soap is made up of 100% natural ingredients infused with the goodness of glycerine, Rose oil and Tea Tree oil to keep your skin’s moisture level in balance. It has a pretty attractive fragrance of rose and the essential ingredients (Palm oil, Olive oil & Coconut Oil) that helps you to fight against skin allergies which is perfect for the sensitive skin type (Like mine). This  organic soap does keep the intact moisture level of the skin in comparison to the normal soaps which dries up the skin due to the presence of certain chemicals.

  Fuschia Pomegranate Pearls – Face & Body Scrub

This exfoliating scrub is infused with the goodness of pomegranate which is a rich antioxidant. It helps you to get rid of dead skin cells, which piles up on our skin in this polluted environment. This scrub gradually helps to lessen the dark spots and helps in proper blood circulation. It also helps you to fight against fine lines and dullness.

Fuschia Sandal Saffron Bath Salt

This Bath salt is a perfect way to keep your body relaxed and refreshing. It is made up with organic elements which doesn’t leave your skin irritated and dry, post its use. This helps in proper blood circulation and makes your bath a aromatic experience. The necessary ingredients in it helps to remove dead skin cells and relax your muscles making your skin look healthy and glowing.

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Much Love to all ❤


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