Bloomsberry | Spa Range and Hand Sanitizers Review

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Hope y’all are having a great time. Today’s  post is all about Bloomsberry  and the products they offer.

About Bloomsberry

Bloomsberry is an uprising Indian beauty brand that caters to skincare and healthcare products. They have recently launched their Spa Range (that includes Manicure and pedicure scrub) and Hand Sanitizers in 4 different fascinating fragrances.
BloomsBerry is also emerging as one of the best hand sanitizer Brands in India .

MINUTE MANICURE : Bloosom Sugar Scrub 

This one is a sugar based exfoliating scrub which gently removes the chapped skin and bring about a clearer skin. The essential elements present in this scrub not only removes dead skin gently but also helps in achieving soft and smooth skin. You just have to spare out a minute to get a salon like experience.

SMOOTHING PEDICURE : Cucumber Foot Scrub

This foot scrub infused with some essential ingredients like cucumber and sugar that helps in getting off the rough and flaky skin and hydrate your skin at the same time. The presence of cucumber helps to keep your feet fresh and clear. It has an amazing fragrance of cucumber which will make you feel pretty refreshing.


BloomsBerry sanitizers are filled with bursting beads that contains vitamin A, E and C. They offer a wide range of  unique mesmerizing fragrances.

 Apple Mojito

This one is infused with the fragrance of Apple Mojito which is quite refreshing.  It is Non-sticky gel based in nature which dries out quickly and keeps your hands Germ free and soft.

Blossom Bouquet

This one has a perfect blend of alluring blossoms and a tempting fragrance which will captures your senses at one go.

Aqua bliss

This one will give you a close to nature feel. It is light scented and has a blend of green blossoms which is quite light fragranced.

Fresh Blooms 

This one has a powdery fragrance which has a perfect blend of fresh daisies . The presence of vitamin E helps to keep your hands soft and smooth.

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