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Hello People,

Hope y’all are having an amazing time. So are you guys also obsessed with your phone? With saving money, and buying all that good food as I am? Then you must know Pepper Tap!!

About PepperTap

PepperTap is a grocery sales app that not only shows you the weekly sale on items which you mostly find in Hyper Super Markets but also delivers all sort of grocery & staples, beauty and personal care items at your door step.

This is an amazing little app for IOS and Android phones that offers you a great cross section for items you will surely want to buy.

My Experience with PepperTap


I would be sharing an incident that made PepperTap my rescuer.

In this busy schedule where we battle between our professional and personal commitments, we hardly have any time left for ourselves and that’s when PepperTap turns out to be the helping hand. While returning back from work yesterday afternoon (I guess around 4 pm, as I have a morning shift) I got a call from my parents that they are going out of station due to some family emergency and I had to take care of my younger sister and prepare dinner for the night.

So amidst the jostling traffic I was preparing the menu in my mind so that when I reach home it is easier for me to cook.

All I know is to make cheese sauce pasta and fry McCains, so without giving any second thought I ordered few items like Pasta, cheese, black olives, McCains & Orange juice from PepperTap (while I was still struggling with Delhi’s traffic) that could be fine for an evening snack & dinner as well.

That is when it was time for PepperTap to show its magnificent super power of delivering the products in less than 3 hours.

As soon as I reached home I see is my little (notorious one & hell crazy) sister invited couple of her friends for the night stay!!! (What else can be more shocking than this on a hell lot hectic day)?

Then I ordered some more snacks like Nachos and Biscuits from PepperTap (‘cause I was way too tired to go to the grocery store and then cook) so I had a better alternative to just wait and get fresh till the time my groceries were on my way. After an hour I see a PepperTap executive ringing my door bell to deliver the items. You guys won’t believe but I received all the items within 2 hours and luckily PepperTap has a great delivering service in my area. (Isn’t that amazing?)


Oh Gosh, I am so obsessed with this app now and don’t know what will I do without it. It’s such an easy thing to order groceries and saves a lot of time.

It’s been two months now that I have been using PepperTap app and I so (sososo) love it. And now I usually order my beauty & personal care products too from PepperTap as I am a lazybum when it comes to going to the grocery & beauty store and asking “bhaiya Lakme ka kajal hai ? acha Loreal shampoo bhi dedo aur Nivea lip balm bhi” 😀

Much love ❤


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