O-Lens | Jenith 3 Sky grey color contact Lens

Hello my lovelies,

Hope you all are doing good. So recently I received these Jenith 3 sky grey color lens from O-Lens which is basically a Korean brand and now it is live in India as well (Yay).


Description at the back of the package


About O-Lens

‘O-Lens’ is the premium cosmetic contact lens brand which have their headquarters based in South Korea and exports largely in countries of USA, Europe and many other too. They offer numerous options to choose from (in terms of lens color and eye power) and each of them are class apart from each other.

Specifications :

Price – > 1690 INR
Duration – > 6 Months
Diameter – > 14.0 mm
G.Diameter – > 13.4 mm
Color – > Jenith 3 Sky Grey

My Experience with O-Lens Jenith 3 Sky Grey color contact Lens 

I have been using lenses for like 2 years now and have not experienced such snugness and ease in putting on lenses for like 9 hours or so.

Comfort – 10/10

I struggled a bit in putting the left eye lens in, but I guess that’s probably just me. Once they were on my eyes I had forgotten that they were even there because they were so comfortable.

Color – 10/10

They are exactly the same color which was shown on their website. They blend with my eye color better than any of my other lenses.

Lens Design – 10/10

The design isn’t distracting and works perfectly to line the outside of the lens.

Packaging – 10/10

They have a cute pink little box as a package (as shown in the above picture) and also the lens case is very adorable.

 So yeah, on in all  I would highly recommend you guys to purchase lenses from their online store !!

Brow game strong 😀  

You guys can shop O-Lens premium range of lenses at their online store –


and you can also get updates of their feeds on social sites –

Facebook –  Click here for the Link

Instagram Click here for the Link

Much Love to all ❤


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