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Hey Lovies

As we all know Grocery shopping is such an imperative evil in everyday life for many of us. We all want to be able to cook and eat, but the part is where we pick up the groceries ? That’s bit pretty dull.

So while searching in hope to get something good I found this amazing application named PepperTap uniquely designed for grocery shopping in which I could see all possible items under a single roof which we get to see in the hyper markets. And undoubtedly shopping for groceries at supermarkets or even at local grocery shops is a time consuming process (isn’t it ?)

Craving for chocolates or maybe wafers ? But lazy enough to get up and go to a grocery shop ? Then PepperTap is the perfect choice for you !!

While this app magically perform the task for you, they will give great ways of streamlining the process and ensuring that you get your products at your doorstep within some time. How cool ! isn’t it ?

While lying lazily in my bed and watching game of thrones, I find it easier to order some snacks for me on PepperTap app. Not only food items but from household to kitchen items to dairy products, beverages, groceries, toiletries, healthcare products to name few and even beauty & baby care products are also available on this app.

PepperTap is surely my pick when it comes to grocery shopping as they not only deliver items at your doorstep generally taking less than 2 hours but also providing the facility of Cash on Delivery !! Yes you heard it right, in fact you can check your products and if dissatisfied they will take it back without even questions asked.
The app is user friendly as we just need to put in our location and we get through the groceries available. While clicking upon any particular department we get n number of options available for different brands at the best price which is pretty easy to operate.

PepperTap even provides great discounts on almost every item on their app.


This app has really made grocery shopping an easy task for me and I am pretty sure it would be a great comfort for all you busy bees too.
On the whole I would heartily recommend you to download this awesome app (available for iOS and android) and use it once until you get fanatic about it.

You guys can even follow them on Instagram for exciting offers (@pepper_tap)


Much love ♥️


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